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3 Steps of Care You should Have with Your HD

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For 58 years, since when mediated 14 × 8 inches, the hard drive, popularly known as HD, carries the responsibility of storing all system information. Therefore, more than having a super video card, a powerful processor or a large space in memory, it is necessary to invest in a good HD to safely store all these resources.

But just like any equipment, HD must be preserved. Some special care is needed to minimize the risk of the device crashing and the user eventually losing all information. So we’ve listed 3 steps where people most have doubts about how they should take care of HD to extend their lifespan, check out:

  1. Care to be taken when buying a HD

Users often pay close attention to issues such as brand and storage capacity, but the technology used in HD manufacturing tells a lot more about their performance.

If the HD is not based on current technology, it will influence speed, performance and safety. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the HD you are buying, is compatible with your computer, after all, it is no use of a SATA connector of 6Gbs if your PC does not have a compatible interface.

  1. Care to be taken to maintain healthy HD

The dust is a major enemy of hard drives. A particle of dust can destroy the surface of the discs as they spin at high speed, so a good tip is to use protective covers when handling your machine.

The temperature is another worrying factor. High temperatures can cause crashes, unexpected shutdowns, physical degradation and even data loss. Usually the maximum is around 60 degrees, but it is essential that you read the manual to get the exact numbers of each.

  1. Care to be taken when recovering HD

When you can no longer access the information and become aware that the HD is damaged, the ideal would be to have a backup, plug the new media into the computer and get them all back in a simple and fast way.

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