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3 Ways to Possibly Ruin Your Career Aspirations

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How much time and effort have you put into furthering your career over time?

Unfortunately, some put their careers in jeopardy with one or more questionable moves. When they do this, it can be hard to get things back on track.

So, are you doing all you can to keep your career headed in the right direction?

Avoid Big Miscue

In doing all you can to keep your career trajectory headed the right way, remember these pointers:

  1. Your actions outside of work – Your actions go a long way in determining how well your career will go. For instance, if you have any run-ins with the law, it can prove detrimental to your job world and personal one too. So, what happens if you have an outstanding traffic ticket or two? What about if you missed some child support payments? Yes, you could end up arrested before you know it. This is why it is good to find out if you have a warrant. It is one of the reasons to look people up online, including you. Go online to search and see if your name comes up showing in fact there is a warrant out for your arrest. In the event there is one, you want to handle the matter as fast as possible. Stop for a moment to think about the consequences of having a warrant and your boss finding out. Do you think your job could survive such a scenario? By doing all you can to know what you could be facing, you lessen the odds of a major embarrassment coming your way.
  2. Your actions at work – While working harder and being a team employee can get you far, some workers fail. As a result, they can put their jobs in jeopardy. Do your best to not only work hard, but be a team player. Employers like it when someone goes that extra mile. This can include working extra hours or helping co-workers solve problems and more. Instead of being the first person out the door each day, see how you can do a little extra when necessary. You also want to have a positive attitude as often as possible. If you are complaining about your job much of the time, do you think you will last there for a long time?
  3. Your actions online – Last; the advent of social media has been a good thing in many ways for many people. That said it can also serve as a detriment when not used the right way. An example of this would be if you go on Facebook or other such sites to complain about your job. How can you know with certainty whether your boss or other co-workers read what you post? If one or more of them do, it could end up sabotaging your job sooner than later. Be smart about it and save any negative opinions you have of your job for yourself.

In doing all you can to avoid a mess, are you succeeding at heading down the right road or headed for trouble?