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4 Potential Health Benefits of CBD for Pets

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As a dog owner, you’ll go to whichever lengths to see your dog healthy and happy again. These last few months, we’ve heard and probably been part of the debates revolving around the therapeutic use of cannabinoids for pets. Learn more about the use of cannabinoids in pets at the CBD for pets FAQ section.

Cannabis plant contains several chemical compounds, cannabidiol (CBD) being one of them. Experts have found that CBD has substantial health benefits for the companion animals. Here are the four potential benefits of CBD for dogs;

CBD Combats Seizure

It can be a little tricky to diagnose seizures in pets considering you cannot tell if the animal is sleeping or is suffering a seizure. Reportedly, seizures affect 1%-5% of the dogs and are usually a result of other underlying issues such as idiopathic epilepsy, liver disease, head injury and brain cancer.

Seizures, if left untreated, can lead to severe brain damages for your beloved furry friend. While there exist medications for treating seizures, most dogs have become resistant and rarely get well.

According to the National Institutes of Health, CBD has been reported to lower the seizure significantly with no life-threatening side effects.

Reduces Joint Pains

Just like humans, as dog advance in age, they develop joint pains. You can tell there’s a problem if your canine has lost appetite, and is unwilling to move.

Preliminary reports from a study being conducted by the Colorado University look promising. They’ve found out that the interaction of the CBD and CB1 receptors may be critical in the treatment of chronic pain in animals.

Fights Nausea & Skin Conditions

The medications you give your dog may make him suffer nausea and all types of sicknesses. A study conducted on the impact of CBD on nausea reveals that the interaction of the endocannabinoid receptors lowers nausea. That helps to increase your dog’s appetite.

Besides, CBD has also shown exceptional benefits in combating the skin conditions that result in the shedding and thinning of fur in pets.

Treatment of Cancer

There have been remarkable advances in researching the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer in humans. Similarly, cannabinoids (CBD) have also shown huge impacts on the treatment of cancer in companion animals.

Reportedly, CBD has shown great potential for stopping the growth of cancer cells. Besides, CBD also helps improve the efficacy of other drugs used in animal treatment. For the full potential benefits, experts recommend that CBD is used together with the THC per the CBD for pets FAQ mentioned earlier.

In Conclusion

CBD bears great health benefits for your pet. Your dog will love you more if you make it part of the formula. And for the reasons, CBD should go hand in hand with TCH, read the CBD for pets FAQ.