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5 Amazing Self-Study Apps for Your Android Tablet

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5 Amazing Self-Study Apps for Your Android Tablet

Using your android device to learn something can be a good idea considering the fact that you can carry your learning on the go. There are a plethora of useful resources available to teach you what you want to learn and know. Amongst the many android learning apps, a few have better features as compared to the rest.

If you are looking to boost your progress and keep the process of learning going, here are the 5 amazing learning apps for your Android tablets.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the best self-study apps you can get. The app has numerous books including helping books, self-study books, and others. You just have to purchase them, download them, and read them at your own convenience. This app follows the old-school theory which some people still enjoy a lot and this is what the app is all about i.e. making the learning process easier. Books are more expensive as compared to E-books. You can find e-books on different topics and the best thing about this app that it can run on cheap tablets as well.

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This app is a complete school in its own. It offers a variety of lessons and classes that can help you learn on different subjects. Each of the class and lessons touches a different topic. You can find over 1000 lessons on this app, ranging from maths to science and technology even. One of the best things about this app that after finishing a course, you will be given a certificate. You have to pay for certain courses while some are free. If you are using best cheap tablets or even an expensive one, it will work just fine on it.


Doulingo came to the party in 2014 and since then it has managed to cement its place amongst the best self-study apps for Android tablets and smartphones. You can learn different languages through this app easily and in a fun manner. The lessons are divided into smaller portions so that you can easily grasp the knowledge before moving on to the next one. There are over a dozen languages that the app offers. One of the best things about this app that it is completely free and there are also no ads in it.

Khan Academy

Talking about self-study apps, Khan Academy is literally the best app you can get for Android tablets. This free to use app offers different lessons on different subjects. The emphasis of this app is more on basic subjects like maths, finance, economics, physics, and more. However, you can also find lessons on subjects of professional skills. Using this app, you can get access to over 10,000 videos along with various lessons and courses. You can also save video lessons if you want. Khan Academy’s biggest reason for thepopularityis that it’s completely free to use with no fees or hidden costs.


We often come across people who are not very fond of maths and they always complain about having weak concepts. PhotoMath is exactly the app that they need to strengthen their mathematical concepts. This app focuses on the OCR technology and uses the camera of the android tablet to read equations that you want to solve. It then gives you the answer. It does so by showing you the step by step procedure on how you can come up with the answer. The free version provides the basic features while going pro will get you the step-by-step instructions for completing the equations. Maths was never this easy.

These are 5 best amazing self-study apps for your android tablets. Using these can help you increase your knowledge and enhance your concepts.