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5 more common sewing mistakes and their fixes

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Alongside crafting and home baking, sewing has made a comeback in recent years. Now a growing trend even in the younger age brackets, many of us are taking up our needles and diving in.

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There are many types of needlework you might want to consider trying, such as embroidery, cross stitch or tapestry. Perhaps try learning more practical sewing skills to enable you to create clothing or fabric items for your home, such as curtains, throws or quilts.

Quilting is a skill that goes back centuries and is a great way to use up left over pieces of material, as this article in the Telegraph newspaper describes.

If you take the plunge and have a go at sewing, there are some common mistakes that you might come across.

Garment Ends up Too Small

You get to the end of your project only to find your garment is too small for the person it was originally intended for. Sadly no real fix for this, other than to find a friend or relative who will fit the item and gift it to them!

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Fabric You Bought for a Project Doesn’t Match

The fabric you have bought for a specific project doesn’t match other fabrics already chosen. If you decide this before actually cutting any pieces out, you can just add the fabric to your material stash and go buy yourself some more.

Either take the other material with you, take a photo on your mobile to compare or even match up with fabric on an online site, where you can purchase many types of fabric such as cotton poplin fabric, denim, poly cotton etc.

Cut Directional Fabric Incorrectly

Some fabrics have a direction on them and pieces need to be cut in certain directions to match up. Sadly, if cut incorrectly there is nothing you can do except use the fabric for something else.

Accidental Hole

Your scissors slip and you accidentally cut a hole in your fabric. This can be an opportunity to add a cute patch to your garment to cover the hole.

A Buttonhole Slit Too Far

So, you are slitting open a buttonhole and you slip and cut too far, making your buttonhole too wide. Time to break out some decorative stitches to close up either side of the buttonhole and make it pretty!