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5 False Promises That Colleges Make

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We all go to college for different reasons. Sometimes those reasons are based on personal gumption, but others it’s because we have been swayed by promises made by a particular college that may not turn out to be entirely true. To help you get a better sense of this, here is a list of five false promises that colleges make. Hopefully, you can utilize it to keep yourself out of a bad (and expensive!) situation.

1. Jobs

Graduating college with the expectation of landing a job is a dream many of us have had buried and unearthed time and time again beneath mounds of minutely-changed resumes and rejection notices. Still, this is something that many have been promised by colleges. What they did not tell us is that it did not matter that we would spend the entire summer working as interns, or that we would spend loads of time on snazzy resumes loaded with desirable qualifications. They didn’t tell us that the reality simply was that we would be unable to immediately find a job after college.Image result for 5 False Promises That Colleges Make

2. Networking

Many academic institutions try to convince people to attend by emphasizing how their particular program would be better for networking. Usually, they tout their alumni all throughout this process. While this is often not entirely a falsehood, it is a tactical decision designed to encourage enrollment, and you should be aware of it so that you can focus on other factors without it impacting your decision.

3. Education

Students often walk away from college thinking that their education is done and over with. While this is far from the truth, the fact that it is so prevalent means that something more could be done on an institutional level to make students aware that continuing one’s education is something that one does for a lifetime. College merely gives you the tools to continue your education on your own terms, and enrich the lives of others by doing so. Additionally, many colleges are now offering many courses online, for example: UAB offers many online bachelors degree programs, as does UC Davis, which makes continuing your education even easier.

4. Money

Believe it or not, some students attend college thinking they will up their net worth. While success stories are not unheard of, this sort of defeats the purpose of finding and studying what you are passionate about. Additionally, many people advocate technical degrees in lieu of arts or humanities degrees. This is both sad and alarming as if the arts have no bearing on engineers or businessmen.

5. Necessity

Colleges do not like to acknowledge the number of successful public individuals who do not have a college degree. This is most likely because they want you to think that going to college is a necessity. While enrolling and finding your passion is certainly great for your mind and the enrichment of others, if your goal is simply to make money then you might want to explore other options.