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6 Design Features to Add a Classic Appeal to Your Bathroom

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Today’s décor trends are mostly about managing the clutter and reducing the footprints as much as possible. Streamlined furniture pieces, multi-purpose storage units, and increased use of wall space are some of the ploys that interior designers use to decorate a modern home. However, when it comes to the bathroom, a traditional look is the most ideal, especially when you live in a period home. Let’s check out five design features that can create an instant classic charm in your bathroom.

Keep a Traditional Look with Wainscoting

Raised panel wainscoting instead of tiles around the bath will give the place a classic and cozy look. The tongue-and-groove wainscoting is unrivaled in injecting style into a room without making it stuffy or dated.

To emphasize on the traditional style, you can choose an ornate frame for the mirror on the wall and swap modern spotlights for a candle-style nickel or copper chandelier.

Change the Bathtub

If your bathroom has the space for a tub, opt for a free-standing design with a claw-foot or slipper style. A claw-foot tub is another word for a ‘timeless luxury’ while a slipper style will take you back to Victorian days. The slipper version is practical too as the higher end provides a bit of privacy while you can also rest your head on it and relax.

You can complement the bathtub with an oil painting on a wall, a Victorian style towel rail, or some traditional fixtures. However, painting the sides of the tub will add a period detail and take you to the 19th century France where the style was originated.

Bring an Effortless Style with Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks went out of style for some time. But, they have made a comeback stronger than ever. If you want to inject your bathroom with an effortless classic design, pedestal sinks will do the job easier for you with their simple lines, period look, and vintage feel.

If you have a big bathroom, go for two pedestals side by side and choose them with extra Edwardian or Victorian detailing for emphasizing on the timeless appeal. Pair them up with a claw-foot tub, oversized mirror, and retro fixtures, and your bathroom will ooze charm even if you use a rather simple color palette.

A Washstand for a Classic Touch

A classic washstand can add the desired classic touch in a bathroom while at the same time uplift the look of a plain sink. A stand with tubular chrome legs with towel rails will easily blend into a classic style bathroom. Such washstands have no cabinets or drawers. However, you can always use floating shelves or an additional storage unit to keep the towels and other toiletries.

Black-and-White Floor for a Timeless Appeal

The use of tiles on the floor and walls has become commonplace in modern bathroom design. However, you can still create a traditional version of your modern bathroom by choosing the tiles in a black-and-white pattern. Because nothing else screams more classic or traditional than a black-and-white pattern!

A tiled floor with a black-and-white pattern is chic, elegant, and exudes a timeless appeal. You can push on the look further by adding a claw-foot tub, beadboard paneling, and heavily patterned wallpaper.

Curved Shower Rail

A curved shower rail is not only a practical solution for ensuring privacy during the shower time but also adds a lovely classic vibe. The curved edges rather than a sharp angular style looks welcoming. Paint the shower ring and a couple of fixtures in a golden color to pull off a lovely timeless vibe.

Many people think traditional decoration as a dated style that looks cluttery on the backdrop of a modern home. However, it’s not true. If you’re smart, you can apply the classic style in a minimalist way without making your bathroom look stuffy or overwhelmed. The creative mix up of traditional styles with contemporary trends will create a timeless appeal and elevate the look of your bathroom.