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6 Things That Every Future Home Will Have

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Current trends in smart homes and home automation tend to revolve around tying appliances and systems to apps for remote control. This is fairly far from a science fiction vision of the home, but already there are technologies available that will revolutionise the home when they become widely adopted.

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So what will the average home look like in the near future? Here are six systems Home Automation Companies will be providing within the next few decades.

Smart Wall and Ceiling Coverings

Repainting a room or, worse, re-wallpapering can be a big deal. You move or cover flooring and furniture, and then spend days literally watching paint dry.

Soon there will be digital wall and ceiling coverings allowing you to redecorate with the touch of a button or even display a forest on the walls or the night sky on the ceiling.

Self-Cleaning Surfaces

While robots can take care of vacuuming for you, kitchens and bathrooms continue to need more manual attention. Soon, though, self-cleaning materials are going to change that.

Already, self-cleaning glass exists which can break down dirt and organic matter on its surface without any interaction. Soon home automation providers like will be providing similar materials for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, making these rooms at least partially self-cleaning.

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Smart Home Office

Working from home is already becoming incredibly common and will become much more viable and productive through technology.

While already you can call in to a meeting, or sometimes Skype in to retain some degree of a ‘face-to -ace’ experience, soon you will be able to attend virtually with virtual reality glasses or a VR headset.

Green Home Technology

Green home technology currently involves some solar panels, but homes which can heat and cool themselves almost entirely passive are already possible, if niche and expensive.

As energy prices increase, smart ‘green’ solutions will become more economical and have far greater options available.

Robotic Assistants

While you can already have a Roomba, a Jetsons-style home butler may be in the works. Already there are niche robotic chefs, and soon they will be available in the home.

Home Medical Diagnostics

In a future with microchipped or similarly tagged people, it will be possible for your home to check your vital signs at any time, providing accurate medical diagnostics and even eventually home surgery.