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7 Must-Have Apps for Frequent Travelers

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Technology has made life easier, less stressful, and more convenient for most people, especially for those who travel a lot.

Frequent travelers don’t have to go off the grid while they are on their flight or on a long drive. With a good international roaming plan and the right apps, all modern-day digital nomads can stay connected while in a different city or country. They can remain productive and continue with their daily routine if they are traveling for work or business reasons.

As a frequent traveler (or a future one), you don’t need to download every travel app you hear about although there are some that you will find exceptionally useful. Here are seven that are guaranteed to help you experience a hassle-free trip or holiday overseas:

1.    TripIt

This app remains one of the most widely used travel planning apps in the world.

Once you have booked you flight, reserved your accommodation, and made other reservations, simply send the details to TripIt’s email. You will then get a master itinerary and notifications regarding reservations, flight changes, departure, arrival gates, and other helpful details.

When you purchase the pro version, you will get up-to-the-minute updates on airport security wait times. You will also get automatic alerts if an airline owes you money for a cancellation or delay.

Lastly, with this app, you will also have access to interactive airport maps which will help you navigate larger airports without getting lost.

2.    Traveloka

If you’re in charge of looking for flights and hotels that will fit in your budget, you will have an easier time doing this when you use Traveloka. This flight and hotel booking app will help you search, compare, and book your flights and hotels.

When you use this app to book your flight and hotel room, you won’t have to print anything. You simply need to show your e-ticket at the boarding gate or hotel voucher upon check-in and you’re good to go.

Traveloka also offers a lot of promos and discounts, so you will be able to get cheaper flights and hotel rooms.

3.    Uber

In case you will be relying on public transportation to get around, skip the stressful bus rides or long queues for a taxi by booking your ride on Uber.

Uber is a ridesharing app that provides fast, safe, and reliable transportation. This app is available in more than 500 cities worldwide.

Use the app to request a ride and, within minutes, your ride will be there to pick you up. You also have the option to pay by cash or credit card, whichever is more convenient for you.

4.    Google Maps

This is an app that you will find handy if it’s your first time to visit a new city or country.

With Google Maps, you can get directions and download maps which you can use even if you are not connected to the Internet. In addition, you can share your favorite hotspots with friends with this app.

This app also has other useful features such as giving you exact times and directions for using local public transportation and alerting you when you it’s time to get off the train.

5.    Google Translate

If you’re traveling to a place where you don’t know a single word of the vernacular, make sure you have Google Translate on your smartphone before your flight.

With this app, simply take a picture of the menu or ticket terminal, use this tool, and you will get a translation in any language you want. The app can also listen to someone in a foreign language, identify it, and instantly translate it into your native tongue.

By using Google Translate, you won’t have to feel like a fish out of water wherever you are.

6.    Zomato

Whether you’re traveling for business, work, or pleasure, make sure your trip will be complete by exploring the local food scene.

Use Zomato to find out which restaurants, cafes, bars, and other dining establishments are worth going to. This app will let you know which ones are near you and which ones have the best reviews.

This app is free on both Android and iOS.

7.    WhatsApp

Lastly, stay connected with your employees, colleagues, and loved ones for free while you’re far away by using WhatsApp.

This is a free messaging and calling service that will allow you to keep you in touch with your family and friends while you’re traveling. It supports video calling and also features end-to-end encryption to keep your information safe.

With the right apps, you can achieve all the goals you set for all your trips. You will enjoy a hassle-free, productive, and memorable journey as well.