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Advantages to Using Swinging Doors in an Architectural Project

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When designing and building a new building project, the choice of doors can make an enormous difference both practically and aesthetically. Architects, builders and interior designers make choices based on light, durability, privacy and many other factors.

Swinging doors come in many variations and styles, and can turn an uninspiring, uninteresting room into a unique and beautiful experience. When the doors are oversize, special architectural door hardware can solve space problems. Builders need to consider the weight of the doors, how well the materials are balanced and what kind of materials work together best.

Inswing or Outswing?

Most of the time, builders choose doors which swing in, especially when the doors are opening from outside the building. However, it is not necessary to assume that this is the best or only option when it comes to swinging doors, which have special double-action hinges to make the movement possible.

In general, outswing doors are more secure, and are able to provide more insulation from the elements. This is important for safety considerations, as it will be more difficult to breach a door that swings out, and for environmental considerations, as outswinging doors may save on energy costs. Doors may also vary by having the hinges or either side.

Because of the design, outswing doors may also be more durable, especially if they are able to keep out the elements. There is a seal at the threshold which keeps out air and water, and the strips need to be adjusted to account for the wear that comes with regular use. Outswing doors don’t tend to rely on the friction from a sweep gasket, so they last longer and are easier to open and close. Special architectural door hardware provides many options for swing doors which give the maximum safety and security.


Doors are not just ways to get into and out of rooms; they provide protection from the outside, and are often the first focus of visitors as they face the building. There needs to be a balance between aesthetics and practicality when choosing architectural door hardware, as both factors are vital when designing or updating a building.

Wood has long been a popular material, because of the wide variety of beautiful woods. However, they can be expensive to purchase and they need more upkeep than other materials. Steel doors are on the other end of attractiveness, normally, but can be insulated to provide maximum comfort. Premium composite is a way of taking advantage of both kinds of qualities, and fiberglass and vinyl materials provide good insulation with little upkeep. Whatever the need, there is almost certainly a material to fill it.