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Air Pistolsare Popular

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Air pistols are a popular way for people in England and Wales to take up shooting without the need to apply for a licence

There are many gun clubs around the country which have ranges for shooting air guns

Air pistols rang from highly accurate ones costing over £1000 which are of Olympic standards to cheaper models highly accurate copies of bullet firing guns. for about £100 upwards which are less accurate but are fun to shoot.

The guns tend be powered either by CO2 gas either in the form of a reservoir or a compressed spring

There are a number of manufactures to choose from. I will concentrate on three popular manufactures: Walther, Gletcher and Beretta.

Walther Pistols

Walther Co2 Pistols

Their pistols are highly realistic copies of cartridge firing guns, including the famous PPK. They use a CO2 cartridge which gives around 60 shots. Prices range from £80 to about £350. The more expensive guns are said to be of competition standard. But even the cheaper models should be accurate enough to be enjoyable to shoot.

Gletcher Pistols


Their slogan is “Military Precision” which reflects the company’s desire to make highly accurate copies of pistols for those who cannot own such weapons for legal or social reasons. They make realistic CO2 cartridge powered reproductions of a number of automatic pistols and revolvers, including the famous Colt 1911 semi-automatic pistol and the Belgian Nagant revolver. Some gun’s feature working bolts which adds to the feeling of accuracy. Prices are reasonable at around £200

Beretta Pistols

Beretta Air Guns & Pistols

A 500 years old company. Fans will recall that the M418 was a favourite of James Bond in the first five novels, though that particular model is not available. There are a number of CO2 pistols available, which are reproductions of automatics, for less than £200.