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Alligators and Accidents: Are they Common?

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Whenever nature and humans collide, bad things sometimes happen. We often hear of stories coming from a safari somewhere in Africa where a Tiger rips off the bumper of a car owned by two elderly tourists. Another story involved a group of tourists on a large truck and a male elephant. Luckily, it didn’t end in tragedy for both parties as the driver of the vehicle quickly steered away from the rampaging elephant before it could see them.

Animals and people have long coexisted with each other for as long as time could recall. Cave markings show of ancient people taking care of feral dogs as pets. This relationship ultimately led to the domestication of our canine buddies. But what if nature and humans collide with each other?

Although it is a common sight for people to see alligators everywhere in Florida, it is still very surprising to see that these reptiles do not shy away from humans. Some people would often view alligators as trespassers and consider them as a nuisance. But the fact remains that these animals were here, way before us.

It is normal for us humans to expand, to grow, and as cruel as it may sound, people need space. This space still has its past residents such as trees and animals. This scenario can be perfectly seen in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, Florida and other suburbs nearby. Alligators and humans often have daily encounters with each other due to the proximity of the alligator’s habitats to human settlements and establishments.

Another issue surrounding the area is when vehicles and alligators collide. It is not uncommon for people to get an injury from a car accident with such rare and unbelievable circumstance. Way back in 2012, a couple hit an alligator in a roadside accident. That alligator was by no means a small one. It was estimated to be 12ft and weighed in almost a thousand pounds.

In another incident possibly involving the same gator, a mother, and son driving their car were sent flying by running over a huge gator on the road. After the accident, the driver of the vehicle reportedly got out a brown ridged scale stuck on the side of the car. Emergency services were called in and reported no injuries to the mother and son. Police, however, found the alligator lying dead just a few meters away from the accident site.

It is sad that alligators and humans can both become potential victims of innocent acts that cause serious accidents. An alligator such as the 12ft giant mentioned above was a male and probably living in the nearby Sawgrass Lake Park. It was crossing roads onto nearby marshes to find a mate, according to a sheriff stationed in St. Petersburg. The mother and son meanwhile were driving home from a night out playing slot machines inside a casino.


For as long as time can remember, people and animals have coexisted. Although not in a very peaceful manner, people have grown enough to know about sustainable means of living off the land with animals and nature. It is no way, wrong for a human to grow, advance, and make his/her living comfortable.

In that situation alone, people would need space which is occupied by nature. In most times, nature gives in, and humans claim ground. In other occasions, people and nature clash. A lot of individuals and Gators meet in the Florida suburbs, and most of the time, Gators get the wrong hand of the deal. Although not realistic, humans should strive to co-exist with nature peacefully. We shouldn’t wait till the last alligator is in a display cabinet. We should act now and prevent the destruction of habitats.