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Anavar Benefits For Women And Possible Risks Due To Misuse

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It is a know fact that anabolic steroids have a few severe side effects, but Anavar is an exception. This workout steroid provides small muscle gains with improved stamina in women. Thus, it is popular as a ‘girl steroid’ and mostly preferred by women, who are trying to gain weight.

Anavar falls in the 1st class category of steroids, and it is illegal to purchase, without valid prescription. You can purchase Anavar illegally, but this means there is no regulation on its production or sale.

Anavar’s trade name is Oxandrolone. It binds well with the androgen receptors, but its function of protein synthesis is weaker than other anabolic steroids. Therefore, large amount of Anavar dosage is needed for efficient muscle gain in male bodybuilders. This is the reasons why they hardly favor this steroid. Besides, it is quite expensive when compared to others.

Due to its low-level androgenic properties, women find it appealing. It does not increase estrogen levels, and therefore the risk of side effects linked with AAS decreases. Avoid misuse to keep water retention and gynecomastia at bay.

Anavar benefits for women

  • Small muscle gains

Bodybuilding men strive to gain bulky muscle, but women are different. Small muscle gain allows women to get a trim, strong, and fit body without appearing manly.

  • Agility retention

Not so bulky muscles allow her to retain agility. Movements do not get hindered and women athletes can move spontaneously and rapidly in any direction.

  • Enhanced muscle stamina

Fatigue is common for people working regularly in the gym. Workout steroid allows working out for longer hours, and makes your every session at the gym more effective.

  • Enhanced cardio endurance

The ability of your body to carry oxygen increases and so it helps your muscles to exercise longer with better output.

  • Suppresses appetite

Decreases food cravings, so maintaining a healthy diet becomes easy. Shedding of undesired fat reveals your body muscle tone, which makes you look attractive.

Misuse of Anavar

Steroids disturb natural hormone production, so it causes temporary and permanent changes in the body.

Temporary changes are testicular decay and low-sperm production. Permanent changes are breast growth and hair loss in men. In female, it is masculinization, coarse skin, enlarged clits, and deepened voice.

Medical condition like cardiovascular disease increases. Bad cholesterol increases and good cholesterol decreases, which contributes to danger of atherosclerosis. Misuse is also linked with fatal side effects like liver tumors and heart attack.

Serious female bodybuilders need to be aware of appropriate dosage and cycle to take advantage of the benefits and avoid side issues.