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Are millennials still watching TV?

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Millennials, or young adults between the ages of 18 and 34, are in a constant state of change and so is their demand for media, including television. What they watch and how is affected by what they are going through, and this diverse demographic can be applying itself to a large range of life experiences, making this a difficult group for advertisers to pin down.

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Few Common Denominators

What Millennials are watching is influenced a great deal by what they are doing. Some have already married and become parents. Not surprisingly, these Millennials tend to watch more television – around 60 minutes per day more than young people yet to have children. Some Millennials are just finishing studies and moving into full-time work, whereas others are established in jobs and thinking about buying property.

As they are all doing different things and have different priorities, targeting television shows at Millennials is not easy, as explained in this report from The Guardian.

Video on Demand

The Millennial group identified as living independently in their own home but yet to have offspring are the largest consumers of high-speed web services, smartphones or multimedia devices and laptops. Nearly 80 per cent of this sub-group were found to have a subscription to a video on demand service such as Netflix or Amazon. Fewer than 60 per cent of Millennials with young children were found to subscribe to services like these.

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Millennials with children spent the most time watching live TV, and young independents the least. While the young independents own the smallest number of sources of traditional electronic media, they spent the most time with TV-related services, either using video on demand or multimedia devices. Millennials still living with their parents tend to watch less TV than those with children, but more than young independents.

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Millennials have grown up accustomed to the internet and a range of mobile devices geared to the user. They expect the media to fit in with their schedule – not the other way round.