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Beginners tips for growing marijuana indoors with precision!

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Growing your own plants involves a lot of fun. And if your plant happens to be marijuana, then it is all the more rewarding. You may ask how? Well, if you grow Kale or a cucumber plant, it usually takes up much time. Every day you gawp at your cucumber plant, and it is like nothing is happening. Now if you compare it with growing marijuana, you will find changes taking place constantly.

There’s one reward for you, and as obvious, you pretty much know the other benefits of a marijuana plant.

The important question – which is a better option for growing marijuana?

If you try and find out the logical answer, growing it outdoors will appear proper! However, experts, as well as growers who do it on a constant basis, will state- growing weed indoors hosts numerous perks.

In your indoor growing space, you will have the liberty to control the growing conditions. You can up-keep the appropriate temperature, humidity, CO2 levels along with the moisture.

You can also regulate ambient conditions to promote a specific growth stage or a particular strain. Yes, these are some real benefits for growing marijuana indoors. However, with them, there is another equally important benefit, which is the safety of your plants.

It is a fact that if the authorities find you growing weed indoors, they might charge you with some unauthorized charges. Doing it indoors protects you from that. And not to mention, it protects your treasurable green from larceny.

The techniques of growing marijuana indoors…

The 1st step to growing weed indoors is covering the basics.

You will need to figure out a proper growing space along with the seed variety (experts say using feminized seeds than clones). If you have a small space, then you should grow them in small containers. SCROG (screen of green) method is one effective mode of growing weed in small spaces.

2nd is the amount of light you need to give them.

Weed grows fast if you ensure that it receives light for 18-24 hours. If you have a tiny space, then bring that span to 12 hours but not less than that.

3rd is the temperature.

As an indoor marijuana grower, you need to ensure that your plant gets the right amount of air and temperature. Excessive humidity, hot or cold climate hampers the growth of the plant. Plus it also deteriorates its color and also makes saggy or oxygen-deprived.

The tolerable temperature should be somewhere between 17 degrees C to 33 degrees C.

However, experts say that the best temperature for growing marijuana indoors is 21.1 degrees C to 28.3 degrees C. They further add that a dip -12.2 degrees C at night is also perky and aids in enhancing the bud’s flavor.

For fresh air, you have to ensure that space has proper ventilation for good air circulation.

4th is controlling its perceptible smell.

When you grow weed inside, you also have to keep control over its recognizable odor. To maintain your secrecy, you can use ionizers, ozone generators as well as carbon filters.

5th is ensuring the right hydroponic pH and nutrients.

The pH level is essential for any plant, and you as a grower need to maintain that for your weed plants as well. Going specific, marijuana plants need phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen along with a slew of trace nutrients. So you need to ensure that the right amount of these nutrients is given.  With that, you need to control the molds and pests.

The appropriate proportion would be 10-5-5, meaning ten portions of nitrogen and five each for phosphorus and potassium.

Also a special mentioning- don’t spray tap water directly on the plant as they contain high proportions of acidic or alkaline properties. The better option would be to let it neutralize for three days (give or take) before adding it to the reservoir.

Final words…

Growing marijuana indoors can be overwhelming, especially if you are doing it for the 1st time. However, if you follow these basics, you will be quite safe, and the results will be quite satisfactory. So kudos to your efforts!