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Beloved Pastor Chris Tours the Holy Land

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the resident minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ at Christ Embassy, is home now after visiting the Holy Land on a spiritual journey. This trip was organized carefully so that the church and all believers in Christ around the world could benefit from Pastor Chris’ experience with the people and places of the Holy Land. 2018 is a big year for the Holy Land, and Pastor Chris was there to witness it.

When Pastor Chris left for Israel and Jordan, literally hundreds of his followers did the same, accompanying him on this historic trip. It was a pilgrimage of large proportions. Every day, the Pastor and his flock visited holy sites sacred to Christians and Jews alike. The group retraced the steps of Jesus Christ himself, as told in the Bible. Walking in his footsteps let all of the participants share in Christ’s path and learn from his divine wisdom.

Pastor Chris and LoveWorld Incorporations were thrilled by the inviting reception they received in the Holy Land. Both Jews and Christians were excited in anticipation of the visit and were not disappointed. The visit itself shone light on the bond Evangelical Christians have with the Holy Land and everyone who lives there. It reiterated the importance of this land to all people of Christian faith.

Pastor Chris’ visit to the Holy Land was timed purposefully to occur during two major milestones for Israel. It has been 70 years, as of 2018, since the Jewish land achieved its independence, and it was time to celebrate. The United States has also moved their embassy out of Tel Aviv to the country’s capital-Jerusalem, a controversial move that’s made a big statement that was welcomed by the people of Israel.

In early 2018, President Donald Trump told the world that the United States would be moving the country’s embassy out of Tel Aviv. He very publicly recognizes and supports Israel and its Holy City. In making this move, he showed his full support of Jerusalem and its people, promising the full support of the United States. In celebration of this momentous occasion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs threw a beautiful reception to which Pastor Chris was invited. Welcomed by members of the government and other important figures, Pastor Chris enjoyed a warm reception from the country’s Jewish occupants. The event’s hosts were, of course, glad to have world-renowned Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in their midst.

Over the course of Pastor Chris’ eight-day journey through the Holy Land, he and his group were able to visit a slew of important locations. These included Abu Gosh, the Sea of Galilee, Mount Hertzel, Caesarea and, of course, the Tomb of Lazarus in Bethany. In addition to these magnificent sites, a part of the group was able to visit Jordan, providing a chance for all of them to see for themselves the diverse nature of the region.

Locals were happy to be able to meet with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome over the course of the journey. He and the people of the Holy Land shared and rejoiced in their love of gospel and the glory of the Lord. His ministrations, they said, brought everyone closer to God and to each other. Fellowship and faith were felt and embraced by all who met with Pastor Chris and his entourage.

The intent of this Pastor Chris’ trip with his group of Evangelical Christians was to inspire and produce long-lasting memories. The group was able to capture many of these memories digitally so that they can share them with everyone. You can find these images at and read more about this group and Pastor Chris at