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Benefits of Modern Fireplaces

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The most obvious benefit of your home’s fireplace is its functionality: You want it keep your house warm on the inside while it’s cold outside! But the benefits of modern fireplaces don’t stop there. Upgrading your fireplace can save you money on your monthly bills and even increase the value of your home. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of modern fireplaces.

  1. Creates a Focal Point

Human beings naturally look for a focal point every time we enter a room. Our eyes scan the area until a particular object or item captures our attention. When a room doesn’t have a natural focal point — such as a fireplace — it can actually increase your stress level. Modern fireplaces create a space in the room that can immediately grab your attention, so your body can naturally relax more quickly.

  1. Limitless Design Possibilities

Modern fireplaces can be positioned just about anywhere in a room to enhance its decor. While standalone and fixed fireplaces are still popular, homeowners can still opt for new ideas like tabletop, corner or three-sided fireplaces. How about an outdoor fireplace to heat your patio? Or, a tunnel fireplace that allows you to view the relaxing flames whether you’re in your dining room or living room? The flexibility of the modern fireplace allows you to be more creative than ever before when planning the design of your home.

  1. Health Benefits

Your modern fireplace won’t give off any smoke. A traditional wood-burning fireplace emits particles into the air, which can cause allergies and exacerbate asthma symptoms or other respiratory problems. A ventless fireplace is not going to release toxins into the air and it will not leach oxygen out of your home. It creates a safer, healthier home environment for the whole family.

  1. Much Less Work and Upkeep

Anyone who has ever chopped and piled enough cords of wood to last a family through the winter can tell you that’s a lot of work. A woodburning stove also forces you to constantly remove soot from the fireplace (plus, you’ll frequently be picking splinters out of your socks or feet). A modern fireplace is practically maintenance free, so you’ll have more time to put your feet up and read a good book next to the fire.

  1. Modern Convenience

Wouldn’t it be great to adjust the temperature inside your house as you’re getting ready to leave the office at the end of a long work day? With your smartphone and modern fireplace controls, you can do just that.

Those are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy by having a modern fireplace installed in your home. Between the health benefits and the beautiful designs available, it’s well worth it to replace an older stove with one of these newer models.