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The Big Issues Facing Britain’s Care Homes

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Britain’s care homes are under a lot of strain from rising operating costs and funding cuts by local authorities. On top of this, there is an issue in recruiting staff as the work gets harder with an ageing population and pay levels don’t rise to cover inflation. And if that wasn’t enough, there is an increasing amount of regulation regarding the care sector.

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Recently, some care homes have had to shut their doors for good, and others are at risk of collapse. Local authorities have withdrawn funding for care homes, and this is a major issue as over half of the residential care homes are funded by local authorities.

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Extra Information Regarding Costs

Have a look at for more information regarding Basic DBS and Enhanced DBS. These are a great way of checking that care staff really are who they say they are and that they have no criminal record or other conviction which would make them a risk when working with vulnerable people. But this has added another cost because the employer has to pay for the DBS check, even if the staff member then chooses not to join or leaves after a short period of time.

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This leads us on to discussing the care recruitment crisis, where Britain is facing a serious shortage of carers with a high staff turnover. Carers are responsible for other people’s lives and are accountable for any mistake that happens which could lead to the loss of someone’s life, yet their pay doesn’t reflect this and the number of skills they must possess to be able to carry out this vital role.

Workplace pension auto-enrolment has put a stain on employers, alongside the introduction of the national living wage, as this is another set of costs they have to find the money for. The Care Quality Commission fees go up annually too, so the small companies that pride themselves on high standards of care are buckling under the pressure. They want to do their best, but it’s stacked against them. Alongside that, there are increasing volumes of paperwork. Whether Britain’s care system will survive is anyone’s guess.