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How to choose a commercial freezer

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When it comes to picking the right commercial freezer for your business, it’s important to do your research and be realistic about your needs.

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Space and storage

Before you start looking at the different options, assess how much space you have in your food preparation area as you’ll want to go for as big a unit as possible in order to store enough products at the right temperature.

What to look for

Once you know the rough size of the unit and how much you need it to store, look for commercial refrigeration that is easy to use and only requires simple maintenance. Most options are designed specifically for commercial use, which means they should all be easy to clean and provide efficient insulation. The Caterer recommends talking to a manufacturer, who will look at the mix of food you serve and the volume being prepared.

Walk-in freezers

If you are running a large-scale catering operation and have enough space, a walk-in freezer is ideal. These freezers allow for rapid access freezing and are divided into an inner compartment for food such as meat and an outer compartment more suited to storing desserts and other products that do not need hard freezing. They have the advantage of being able to wheel racks of food into them, which can then be quickly retrieved when needed for serving.

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Undercounter and counter freezers

The best option for smaller kitchens where space is at a premium, counter freezers often have the added benefit of a prep area and allow those preparing food to access the ingredients easily. Undercounter freezers are designed to fit easily under work surfaces. If you are have a small space and are looking for guidance, you could consider

Upright freezers

Also called cabinet freezers, these come in different sizes, allowing companies to choose one that can fit snugly into their prep areas. They are a good idea if you don’t want to waste space as they use higher areas of the kitchen. They are handy for keeping items on shelves, which allows for quick, convenient access.

Chest freezers

Similar to home chest freezers but with more powerful components, these are a good option if your kitchen has a cellar or storage room. They are suitable for storing large quantities of food that can be stacked.