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Could your health be making bad decisions for you?

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We go through life making decisions – some of them better than others. The trouble is that even if we are good decision makers, and practise over the years trying to get things right all of the time, there are plenty of things that can impair our ability to make good judgements . . . and then we often have to live with them. Sometimes people are exhausted, and so cannot make the decision to have a salad so they go for the easy pizza instead. Sometimes they want to get home as quickly as possible, so make the rash decision to speed along the road. In other cases, someone may have had a terrible day and decide that the best way to drown out the shame is through alcohol.

These are pretty standard ways to make bad decisions, and because they are so typical most of us are able to avoid them (most of the time). The difficulty comes when we start making bad decisions because of a reason that we are not consciously aware of, because then we do not stop to check things or re-evaluate if we believe that we are being influenced. Studies have shown that there are many things that can influence us into making bad decisions that we are not often aware of – and sadly but not unsurprisingly, for men it is often the hope if impressing a beautiful woman. Strangely, for women it is also the chance to impress a group of women. But the one factor that affects us all which is often ignored is pain.

Yes, pain. When we are in pain and discomfort, we often make rash decisions and do things quickly, because our subconscious somehow believes that if we do things quicker, then we will get closer to the end of the pain. Of course this only makes sense if the decisions that we are making are directly about the pain that we are feeling, but even when they are not, they are instantly affected by the fact that we are in agony. You would think, perhaps, that this sort of thing does not crop up much, but there you would be wrong. It has been estimated that at any given time, hundreds of thousands of us in this country alone are suffering from wisdom tooth pain that is having an indirect effect on the way that we are processing our ideas and decisions.

That means that our health, more than our experiences or knowledge, are the key factor in decision making. This is quite a startling revelation, especially when you consider that for many of us we do not even take our health into account when faced with a decision. The challenge of course is that we do not think that we are being affected by wisdom tooth pain, and so when we make rash decisions we cannot see that we are not thinking things through clearly. It is impossible in most cases to think clearly when wisdom tooth pain has been a problem for several days in a row; there is nothing like it, the agony of wisdom tooth pain, and so it is not surprising that people will start to make snap decisions that they would usually steer clear of under the stress and influence of that pain.

If you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain, do not let it start to take over your life and start to make bad decisions for you. Your health should be a factor in decisions, of course, but not pain, and any wisdom tooth pain should be discussed immediately with a dentist.