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How To Decide If You Need A New Job

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When it comes to new jobs, society has always had mixed opinions. One side tells you that if you don’t like your job, get a new one. Your career should make you grow as a person, and if your job is making you miserable, isn’t compensating you fairly, and you’re not learning anything, then you should quit.

On the other side, they say that getting a job is hard, you should be happy with what you have, and that sometimes it’s okay for things to not change. For most, though, that’s not enough.

There are different circumstances for everyone, but sometimes, a new job is just what you need. Here are some ways to decide if you need a new job.

You Get No Time Off

There’s no point in making money if you don’t have time to spend it on something you enjoy. Being employed, you should strive for full-time, but when your boss overworks you, doesn’t give you any days off, and you find yourself always cancelling plans with friends and family because you’re working, you may want to find a job with more flexible hours.

The rise in the gig economy has given birth to jobs that pay well and have flexible hours, so you may want to look for those.

Your Boss Plays Favorites

Sometimes you feel like your workplace is one big clique, and you’re not in it.

One way to figure that out is to look at the way your coworkers are being treated compared to you. Your coworker is making more money than you for the same amount and quality of work? That’s a red flag. You got passed on a promotion for someone less qualified? Another red flag.

Sometimes you can overthink things and believe someone hates you when they don’t, but if it’s so obvious that the boss doesn’t care for you, look for another job. No point in trying to change their mind, as the work you’ve done should have proven that already.

The Ship is Sinking

Profits are down, layoffs are happening, pay cuts may be possible. Companies are going to have their moments in the red, but if it’s constant, you may need to think about getting another job. There’s always a chance the company can return and go beyond its former glory, but odds are, you may end up going down with this ship.

Think about looking for another job if you feel like the company won’t last much longer.

You’re Just Not Feeling it

You shouldn’t be constantly bored with your job, nor should you dread going to work every morning. Some say that not liking your job is normal, but normal doesn’t always mean good. Your job should challenge you and not suck away your passions.

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Plus, not being passionate for your job can hurt your performance. Instead of being fired because you weren’t performing well enough, it’s much better for you to look for another job now while you still have an impressive performance.

There Are Better Opportunities Available

Some people act like searching for a job is something you only do when you’re unemployed, and once you get a job, that job search goes back into the filing cabinet until you get laid off.

However, you should always be looking, especially if you’re not satisfied with your current job. Don’t just look at the large aggregators like Monster and Indeed, take a look at industry-specific sites and the local job boards in your area. You may end up finding a job that is a better fit and pays much more than your current job. Give it a shot.

You Don’t Like Anyone There

Look, you don’t have to be the worker who has a beer with their coworkers on the weekend, and you’re going to have to deal with people you may not care for, but you should at least be on good terms with your coworkers.

If you have a coworker who is constantly annoying you, you may end up going off on them one day and damaging your reputation. If you don’t like your boss, you’re probably not hiding it very well, and your boss can use your disdain as an excuse to fire you or keep you down. Try searching for a job where the people are better, or you don’t have to deal with people at all.

And Most Importantly, You Got a New Job Offer

Perhaps the most important sign that you should get a new job is that you get offered a new one. If the offer seems better than the job you have, then go to it! Gather anything you need from your current job, say goodbye, end things on friendly terms, and move on to your next opportunity.

Your job won’t be great all the time, but if it’s a constant source of worry and boredom, then you should seek another.