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  DIY Hair Solutions While Traveling Abroad 

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Regardless of the fact that you have the most gorgeous hair, but travelling does affect your hair. When girls travel, they love to choose different hairstyles. But you definitely need to care for your long tresses too to keep them healthy and strong. Here are some DIY hair solutions which you should follow while travelling abroad.

  • Plan from before for your hair care- Will it be a relaxing tour or you’ll be traveling a lot? Know the type of tour you’re going to make as it will help you decide what you should be doing with your hair. It is better to give your hair some rest from styling. You can always carry a hairdryer or styler to style your hair for important occasions.
  • Manage your hair during work tours- right after you reach the hotel, you should give your hair a clean wash and do not forget to condition them. Often hotels have salons. Going to a salon prevents you from carrying a lot of products and equipment.
  • Treatment before entering the pool- Be careful… your blonde hair could go green in the pool. Make sure you oil your hair before entering the pool. You can also wear swimming caps to prevent your hair from getting soaked in the chlorinated water.
  • Your hair needs more care during beach trips- DO not forget to carry a conditioner spray in your beach bag. Chlorine and salt easily dries the hair. So make sure your rinse your hair and cover it with a conditioner. You can also DIY by making a spray with a part of conditioner and 5 parts of water. Shake well before every use and make sure you spray on the hair ends.
  • In case, you’re travelling to humid and hot location, tame your hair and keep it cool. Make sure the sweaty scalp doesn’t cause much itching. Try to be in an air conditioner as much as you can.
  • You need to dress according to the situation. In case you’re on a leisure trip, you can keep your hair open, but if you have a business tour, then carrying a subtle pony or bun is a good idea. Make sure you carry the required accessories with you. Click photos of your good hair days and try to carry similar hair styles while you’re out.
  • Make sure you brush your hair within a week. Often people leave their hair without combing for days which makes it more prone to breakage and eventually the damage increases. Make sure you regularly brush and oil your hair.
  • Secure your hair from sun. Just like you need protection for your skin, you need to protect your hair too. You can don a hat, head scarf or a UV protectant spray for your hair.
  • Go in for braids and buns. Braid your hair at night when it is a little damp, then tousle them with your fingers for amazing waves.
  • If you have oily hair, dab corn starch on the roots. It works as an amazing dry shampoo and prevents your hair from looking dirty.
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