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What You Should Eat and What to Avoid While You Are in Rome

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Rome is the capital city of Italy and while visiting this country people like to taste various Italian dishes which is famous all over the world.

If you are on Sunday food tour Rome then you must know what you should eat and what you should not. Read further to know about this.

Do this while eating at Rome –

  • Gelato should be eaten every day
  • Always take expresso coffee after you have taken the desert but not while taking meal
  • Use your hands while eating pizza
  • Do little research about Italian food while ordering for food in any restaurant
  • Try to taste regional specialties
  • If you are a vegetarian then stick to the first course that consists of pasta, soup or risotto. In second course you will get meat.
  • You must order wine along with meal. With pizza you must prefer either beer or any soft drink
  • Always order for a glass of wine though in the menu you may find jug or bottle of wine mentioned.
  • Prefer to take mineral water as tap water is not preferred in Rome.
  • For tasting different varieties of wine visit a vineyard.
  • You can fill up your belly with free buffets served in bars and only order for drinks. If you want to save money, then you can skip your dinner afterwards.
  • If you want to enjoy picnic in Rome, then buy cheese, bread, fruit and olives from any supermarket or alimentary it will taste great.
  • If you fail to understand the meaning of any Italian menu then download the app on your smartphone to decode its meaning.
  • You must learn to cook few Italian dishes so that you can prepare at home.

Don’t do the following

  • Ordering cappuccino after 10 AM
  • Entering any restaurant when someone is asking you to come
  • Eating at gelateria as ingredients are not natural
  • Ordering every course
  • Asking for oil or vinegar
  • Eating bread with pasta
  • Eating rush meals at late hours