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Equipment Budget for Modern House

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Equipping a modern house has always been viewed as a very expensive task to undertake. You need to make a budget for all the necessary accessories and fittings you need; from the Kitchen to the living room, dinning, toilet and bathroom. The focus of this article, however, is the bathroom which will include the shower and the toilet seat review.

Budgeting for the Toilet

Toilets are most times taking for granted by homeowners when planning for the design of the bathroom. When buying a toilet either online or in a shop, you need to consider your budget, the shape of your bathroom and whether you will prefer a heated toilet seats, bidet type seat or any other toilet with a special feature.

The model, type and style of the toilet you choose will largely determine how much you spent on buying and installing the toilet.

There are wide varieties of toilets to select from but the most common types of toilets are the round toilet bowl, which is perfect for smaller bathrooms, better for children and less expensive, and the second type is the elongated toilet bowl, which are more expensive, use more space, has more power flushing action and more aesthetically pleasing.

Toilet seats come in a variety of materials including plastic, cushioned vinyl, real wood and molded wood composite.

Also when budgeting for a toilet, you need to consider its flushing power. There are two standard types of flushing system namely; the standard gravity flush system which simply used water weight to generate flushing action and follow it up with a siphoning action to complete the flush. It is less expensive and requires less maintenance.

The second type is the pressure-assisted system and as its name implies, it uses pressure air to force water in the water bowl to reduce clogs. It make more noise than the gravity flush system, it is more expensive and has to be maintained more frequently.

There are also one-piece and two-piece toilets. The one-piece model has its bowl fixed to tank while the two-piece consists of a tank and a bowl which are joined together during installation and it is less expensive than the former.

Budgeting for the Bathroom

Determining the budget for your bathroom could be overwhelming and it does comes with the questions: what do you want and what can you really afford?

A greatest factor in determining cost is the size of your bathroom which varies from small to medium to master bathroom. The accessories and fittings you need for the bathroom set up also depend on the size of the bathroom.

However, a well spacious bathroom could have the following; the bathtub, toilet, hand basin, shower head, cabinets, lighting among others.

Small-sized bathrooms are usually less expensive to set up because they will require less material and their prices too will be on the lower end.

In planning your bathroom you should know about bathroom layouts, bathroom suites, and types of bathrooms, cabinets, bathroom colors and finishes. And to have an idea of the cost of each material needed, you can research all of the different options available in the market either online or in magazines or shops. Then you can get a realistic list of what you need along with the price.