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Five Design Elements to Make Your Website More Popular

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Websites are the first port of call for most potential customers and clients. A badly designed website can give a bad impression of your company and also lead clients to confusion. Here are five ways to make your website design more popular.

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1. Don’t Clutter Your Website

While you may think that a website packed with design elements is better, a simple design is much more attractive. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring though. People by their nature have expectations of what things should be. For example, a website selling shoes should make it clear that selling shoes is exactly what they do. Fancy designs and a clutter of information is a lot less effective than a website giving clients the information they need.

2. Make Navigating Easy

Clients visit a website for information. A bad navigation tool will leave customers confused, and leaving very quickly. Navigation menus should be clear, concise and preferably a different colour to the website background. Shapes that stand out from other design elements are also useful. Meeting standards of website design are increasingly demanding.

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3. Get the Attention of Clients, but Don’t Annoy Them

The most infuriating thing on any website is an abundance of pop-ups. They distract your attention and often take you away from the core of the website. Don’t use them for useless information. However, sometimes they can work in the right context – for special offers, customers would appreciate a pop up to let them know about it.

4. Ensure Your Website is Mobile Responsive

So many people access websites on their phones, it’s important your website is also designed for smaller screens. This can be quite a complex process and if you struggle with it, the best option is to get help. A professional London web design company can help you optimise your site for phones. There are many good design companies, such as this Web development company in London.

5. Use Contrasting Colours

Colours have a psychological effect on people. It’s important that you don’t simply use a colour relevant to your site, but that you also don’t overload your page with unnecessary colour. Ensure the colours you do use complement each other. Instead of using two bright colours, choose one main colour and a contrasting shade, such as black.