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Food supplements not always natural if not choose properly

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In recent years nutritional supplements have been a real success. This craze certainly comes from all the promises of healing of wellbeing they can bring. That’s why today one in three people will consume it. There is a wide range of herbal food supplements that can cure a lot of ailments. In the jungle of all these foods with ancestral virtues it is not always easy to sort out and choose what is most appropriate to one’s personal situation.The advantage of some supplements over others is that they are 100% natural and you can sometimes get discounts on IHerb coupon. They are therefore consumed in a normal way and without abusing any danger to health and perfectly assimilable. Many products are presented as natural whereas they contain a large part of synthesized assets drawn not in the heart of nature but petro chemistry.

Who is the food supplement for?

Food supplements thus offer the possibility of controlling our nutritional intake and overcoming existing deficiencies. To promote their products the manufacturers put forward the least richness of your nutrient supply due to the upheavals and constraints of your lifestyles. But the nutrient needs vary according to age, sex, physical activity and the particular situations of life.Brands do not hesitate to highlight the natural quality of certain compounds of the product while they are present in very small quantities.Most of these products contain excipients and synthetic additives that can be harmful especially for individuals prone to allergies, dyes, flavors or other synthetic molecules such as artificial sweeteners.

The solution of bio

The organic labels recognized and certified by independent organizations that ensure you to choose a nutritional supplement whose manufacture is environmentally friendly. 95 to 100% of the ingredients of a food supplement labeled organic come from organic farming excluding any synthetic chemical in its manufacture. Buying organic food supplements is first and foremost an environmental and ethical choice if you get it on iHerb discount code blog for iHerb USA. Your body contains 22 minerals. The main ones are calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, manganese, selenium, chromium, molybdenum and chloride.

Criteria to choose your dietary supplements

Before any purchase check on the product label that its ingredients and additives are on the positive list. Kindly check the nutritional components of the product and their proportion to the recommended daily intake. However, be very careful before buying a product on the net or by correspondence. Observe the recommendations for daily doses and the duration of supplement consumption. Exceeding these recommendations can have toxic effects. Beware of explosive cocktails and do not take several food supplements at once without medical advice. Some combinations are not recommended such as vitamin C and iron.