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Four Things to Do in Batam According to Map Batam Island

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Nowadays, there is a change in basic human needs compared to earlier time due to the development of modernization. A lot of people are expected to finish their jobs perfectly, adding more pressure and burdens to many people. Thus, vacation becomes an essential need for human, as it provides a great escape from the stressful life. Finding a tourist destination which gives a contrasting atmosphere from the busy metropolitan can be quite a headache for some people. Batam, an island in Riau Province, Indonesia, will give you the best experience of vacation you have ever had. Batam becomes one of the busiest entry port in Indonesia alongside with Jakarta and Bali. This island offers the beauty of nature, delicious cuisines, cheap souvenirs, and many more.

Batam offers lot activities and places to be visited. The following lists are some of the activities and places you can explore according to map Batam Island.

  • Discovering Pulau Penyengat: for those who search for different experience in Batam, visiting Penyengat Island can be a good option. The island is very small and you can go around the island with just two hours. In this island, there is a mosque called Masjid Kuning or Yellow Mosque that used eggshells to strengthen its foundation. The local people are also very friendly. If you have some spare time, visiting this island would not hurt.
  • Going to Galang and Bintan Islands: if you have extra money in your pocket, staying on private resorts in Galang and Bintan Islands will worth the entire price. The resorts in those islands offer a luxurious escape from your hectic life. Despite costing more money, it is still cheaper than spending your money on Marina Bay Sands. Some of the recommended resorts in that you should put on your list are Angsana, Banyan Tree Bintan, and Sancaya
  • Enjoying Batam Nightlife: Batam also offers a great night life experience. There are a lot of places in Batam that are suitable for night owls. The most recommended place is Nagoya Entertainment District of better known as NED. This area is full of nightclubs, pubs, and bars. Compared to most bars and pubs in Singapore, the drinks that are offered in this area are very cheap. You can even get cocktails with only less than 5 dollars.
  • Roaming Around the Attractive Northern Coast: northern coastlines of Batam offers the best experience for mountain biking. You can cycle of motorbike through a green forest and wide seafront. From Nongsa Village or Turi Beach to Tering Bay Golf, it takes around 30 km bike ride via Teluk Mata Ikan and down to Batu Besar coast and Citra Mas Housing estate.

Those activities that are described above are some of the things that you can do on your holiday in Batam according to Batam map, Indonesia. There are more things that you can find in this island, and short vacation probably is not enough to cover all of them. But nevertheless, this island is indeed worth to be your vacation destination.