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The Fruit Storage Industry And The Benefits Of Nitrogen Generators

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We cannot discount the fact that fresh fruits during the hot summer months are something that will alleviate the pain in the neck that we experience. However, when the weather changes and the fresh local fruits are not on top of our list, then containers for fruit storage are being used by the fruit industry. And this is the same reason why we are able to enjoy crisp and fresh fruits whole year long.

Thanks to the controlled atmosphere store or also known as CA. This involves a process of carefully controlling gasses which are found in a storage area for fruits. The very first requirement of making the fruits as fresh and crisp as possible is the particularity of keeping the room airtight. Another important consideration that is very crucial in order to make sure that the fruits remain fresh would be the careful control of humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen, as well as the temperature. The process of controlling the atmosphere is a process which is categorized as non-chemical. But for this to be possible, nitrogen gas will be needed to be infused in the process. Fortunately, there are now nitrogen gas generators that can help us with the said process. These nitrogen generators are known to take the levels of oxygen from nearly 21% to as low as 1-2%.

Fortunately, there are now companies offering nitrogen generators. And one of the leading companies offering such is Claind.

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There are actually two types when it comes to the nitrogen generators that are made available in the market and are quite recommended by many. The options that the fruit industry has are the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA generators) and the membrane generators. Choosing the right nitrogen generator actually, depends on the needs that must be addressed. Hence, it is very important to talk first to the nitrogen generator provider company of the things that you need and the goal that you would like to achieve in order to get the right nitrogen generator.

For the most part, the membrane generators are actually best suited especially for those low flow application sites where the required purity level is 99.5% or even lower. The great thing about getting the membrane generators is the fact that it has an easier manual and control plus the low maintenance that goes with it. Apart from that, the membrane generator is low-cost as well as reliable when it comes to infusing the nitrogen gas in a storage room.

On the other hand, the Pressure Swing Adsorption generators work differently in many ways compared to the membrane generators. For the most part, it produces nitrogen by carbon molecular sieve. More so, it works well with an application with purity levels of 99.5% or even higher. One of the most noticeable benefits that one will be able to get from the Pressure Swing Adsorption is the slender pore opening found on its towers. Having such narrow opening is very beneficial in producing more nitrogen gases which will, in turn, provide us quality products.