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Getting Rid of Wrinkles – Natural Vs. Synthetic Methods

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So the age old issue of wrinkles comes down to a simple factor – what is the best method to solve and prevent wrinkles? Are the new synthetic creams, masks, and gels the best source or is it better to use the natural methods and home remedies that rival these? We’re going to break down the cutting edge methods in getting rid of those hated wrinkles in order to figure out which is better.

What Causes Wrinkles?

As everyone knows, the main cause of wrinkles is that pesky, unavoidable aging. As we age, the collagen within the skin will consistently breakdown. Since the collagen is the key support system to the structure of our skin, its breakdown eventually leads to lines and wrinkles.

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Natural vs. Synthetic Methods

Natural methods and home remedies have been in play for decades and synthetic skin creams and masks have most recently become popular within the last 20-30 years. The question boils down to each individual wrinkle preventing technique. Which are the factors that actually have some form of an affect and then how can we combine them to have the greatest, longest lasting, and the quickest results upon the appearance and health of our skin.

Natural Wrinkle Fighting Methods

Contrary to the general theory of home remedies – most home remedies (at least the ones that have the greatest affect) are those that are common sense, but which aren’t generally followed. The following list will summarize some of the most common (most of which are free or relatively inexpensive) wrinkle-fighting techniques.

  • Smoking – If you have any desire to save your skin and appearance, then you literally must actually stop doing something vs. start doing something. Smoking prevents the production of collagen to the extent that the body needs and therefore causes a premature breakdown in your skin. It also prevents circulation from performing correctly which leads to trouble with the blood reaching the capillaries in your face, leading to excess dead skin development and often a change in the color of your cheeks.
  • Scalding Water and Potent Soap – Avoiding these substances will help you to avoid killing the top layers of skin on a consistent basis. Both extremely hot water and potent soaps can take off not only your dead skin, but also those top layers that are still living a bit too prematurely. Over time this leads to excess aging in your skin.
  • Sweet Potatoes – Okay, we know you didn’t see this one coming, but the fact remains that sweet potatoes are one of the rare foods that are filled with hyaluronic acid – an acid that has been shown to have an effect on reducing wrinkles. It might be time to stock up.

Synthetic Wrinkle Fighting Methods

Although there are numerous common sense remedies to getting rid of wrinkles, the fact remains that if science and technology can help reduce wrinkles faster and more effectively – then why not? The latest creams and masks have been shown to help the reduction of lines and wrinkles; however, some are far more effective than others. The following list will summarize the ingredients that are found in the majority of the successful wrinkle-fighting creams.

  • Hydroxy Acids – Alpha Hydroxy Acid are a key ingredient in shedding the layers of dead skin, gradually removing fine lines and wrinkles. When picking out an anti-wrinkle cream, try to stick with those creams that are between 8%-10% Hydroxy Acid with a ph between 3-4.
  • Collagen – The ingredient of collagen is found within almost all forms of wrinkle fighting solutions due to the fact that wrinkles are primarily caused by a breakdown in the structure of collagen within our skin that take place as we age. The collagen ingredient within wrinkle creams serves to take the place of broken down collagen within our bodies, as well as help to prevent the future breakdown of collagen.

Living Wrinkle Free

The vast majority of success has been shown to come from modern wrinkle creams as compared with traditional home remedies. The only exception to the rule is the addition of exercise and quitting dangerous activities to your skin, such as smoking – which often serve a more drastic affect on our appearance than anything else can. If you are suffering from wrinkles, the ideal solution is to pick out the best wrinkle-fighting solutions as discussed above and then combine it with effective healthy living home remedies. Applying the above methods will help to make your skin more vibrant and healthy.

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