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How to set a safe height for cutting with your table saw

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Before or after purchasing a table saw for your woodworking projects, you need to learn the different tips and tricks on how to get the best out of the table saw. Part of those tips and tricks involve setting the correct blade height to do your ripping with the table saw.

Owning and using a table saw is not all about putting a stock blade in the arbor of the saw, increasing the height of the saw and cutting with it. It involves a lot more than that. Before you even switch on the table saw, you need to set the correct blade height according the thickness of the lumber you’re trying to cut.

Why is this important

Setting the correct blade height of your table saw is very important for quite a few reasons which are very important. First, it allows the blade to cut efficiently. Improperly set blade height will not cut properly and may cause bugging of the table saw. Setting the correct blade height optimizes the quality of the cut and helps the blade cut better.

Secondly, it makes the table saw safer to use. With the correct blade height set, your exposure to the table saw blade is reduce, and risks of table saw accident is reduced. Improperly set blade height can also cause the blade to bind with the wood being cut.

So, with all this, it is pretty easy to see why you should take this very seriously.

How to set the blade height

Setting the blade height of your table saw is not a difficult task. It is very easy to do. It’s not something that requires any professional hands, or an unusual technique to accomplish. You just have to know one thing. The gullet of the blade. The ridge between two teeth of the table blade is known as the gullet.

It’s the same with other blades. The ridge between any power tool blades is known as the gullet, whether it’s a circular saw, miter saw or table saw.

It’s this gullet that we’re going to use to determine the correct blade height for whatever wood stock you’re trying to cut with the table saw.

To set the correct blade height, just set the bottom of the gullet even with the top of the stock you’re cutting. That is it. There’s nothing more to it.

Doing this will ensure that your blade cuts truly, and that you stay safe while using the table saw.