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The Ins and Outs of Self Storage

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You’ve probably started noticing all the self-storage centres getting established throughout the country. And as you are reading this, there are more than 1000 of them and the number is growing. But what exactly do you know about them? And should you even care to begin with? Well, if you are having post-Christmas storage space issues, it might be something to consider. That’s right, it’s a space-saving option more and more people are utilising. But you don’t have to feel left out. Just read the following FAQ’s regarding self-storage and you’ll be sorted in no time.

What Does Self Storage Entail Exactly?

For most people, it’s a new trend that has been brewing in the UK for some time now. Basically, it’s a storage space away from where you live, but close enough to be convenient. If you like, you can consider it a spare room, or you might even perceive it as a garage or warehouse. Given that it is your storage space, you choose how to use it.  Storage units in Hemel Hempstead offer many different size rooms to cater for your storage needs.

You are at liberty to store things in this “room” you can’t keep around at home, and you don’t exactly want to throw them out either. How many things you decide to store, and how often you decide to do it is completely up to you. It can be in the middle of the night or early on a Sunday morning, you have complete freedom. You should also know that self-storage units are very safe. In fact, they are probably safer than your home or apartment.

Additionally, you choose how much space you need. If you only need the space of a broom closet, you can get it. If you need the size of a warehouse, that’s available too. You can also change your mind later on if you want something bigger or smaller.

What Am I Allowed To Store?

As you can imagine, there are a few logical limits in terms of what you can store. For example, most companies won’t let you store:

– Cans of deodorant
– Money/Cards
– Liquid that can easily burn
– Bombs or explosives
– Guns of any kind or the ammunition they carry
– Gas canisters
– Products that can be hazardous or toxic
– Plants or animals
– Items or goods that have been contaminated
– Fresh goods
– Radioactive products or materials

As mentioned earlier, these are logical limitations. Other than that, you can store just about anything you need to store, ranging from furniture and clothes to Christmas decorations and old paintings.

How Many People Have Access To My Storage Unit?

First of all, you choose the padlocks that are used to secure the storage facility, so you choose who gets access. Not even the people who own the space the facility is placed on will have access. Secondly, the space around the facilities is built for security. In other words, unwanted guests can’t get close enough to tamper with your storage unit. Thirdly, the premises is monitored 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, just in case something does go wrong.

For What Amount Of Time Can I Rent The Unit?

It all depends on your needs. Do you need it for a day? A week? A month? You can rent the unit for years if you feel like it, although most contracts are based on monthly renewals. Basically, you choose how long you need the unit.

Is Insurance Cover Necessary?

It is mandatory to get insurance, and you can either take the option offered by the company you are renting from, or you can go with another company for your insurance coverage. In most cases, insurance policies will cover what you have stored in a secure and safe unit.

Can The Storage Unit Be Used For Business Purposes?

When you consider that a third of people using storage units are doing so for business purposes, why can’t you? It’s not against the rules, and it’s a very affordable way to go if you are a startup company. Frankly, there are many useful ways you can utilise a storage unit.