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Do Interior Concrete Floors Cost a Pretty Penny?

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This material is not just for driveways and sidewalks; nowadays concrete is a stylish option that make a fashion statement for interior floors, giving your room a sleek contemporary look. As a flooring material, concrete is incredibly hard and strong, having all the strength and durability of a highway. Besides, it is stain- and waterproof, resistant to fire, bacteria and odours.  Concrete withstands wear; it cannot be scratched or dented. Pouring cement floor will reduce energy bills, as the absorption of warm and cool air of this eco-friendly material minimizes the need for heating and cooling. It is good both for basement subfloor installation because it inhibits mold, mildew or odours, and indoor works as it does not contain potentially harmful VOCs, and can be finished with zero-VOC sealers. Needless to say that it is easy to clean, and its design is customizable – combined with the right dyes or coloring agents, finished concrete can be made to mimic natural stone, ceramic tile, brick or even dirt!

Interior concrete floors cost between $2 and $30 per square foot depending on the level of complexity. Pouring or refinishing a concrete floor is generally best left to professionals. Most decorative concrete floor installations are quite cost-effective (a mid-range interior concrete floor can cost $7 to $14), especially if you have an existing concrete slab that is all ready for staining, polishing or application of a decorative coating or overlay. Factors that can increase its price include extra surface preparation, the use of multiple or custom colours, complex designs and patterns, labour-intensive finishing techniques.

The cost of more complex interior decorative concrete floor installations including multiple stain or dye colours, custom graphics, decorative sawcuts and patterns, can be the same as for quarried stone (like granite, marble or slate) and high-end wood floors (like teak, cherry and walnut).

The number of factors that can considerably influence on the interior concrete floors cost include:

– the complexity of the project;

– size of the floor;

– material requirements;

– current condition of the floor;

– upper level floors vs. basement subfloor installation;

– moisture-vapor transmission.

Comparing the prices of different flooring options, it is not a good idea to look at the square-foot installation cost. Initially cheaper options may be more expensive in the long run. Amortizing the cost of interior concrete floor over a lifetime and maintenance costs, its price is often comparable or even lower than other flooring materials.