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Keeping Your Boat Clean & Protected

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Your boat is your pride and joy, which is why maintenance should be a top priority if you want to continue enjoying it for years to come.

Keeping your boat clean and protected is easier than you think, especially when you use the right products.

Tips for cleaning & protecting your boat

Keep your hull shiny and clean

Prolong the life of your boat and improve its performance by taking good care of the hull. Your hull should be cleaned a few times a year, particularly if you’ve been in polluted water. Regular maintenance and cleaning will prevent barnacle growth, eliminate salt build-up and reduce corrosion.

To keep your hull in top condition, rinse it with a bucket or hose (no high-pressure cleaners). Prepare a marine cleaning solution and apply it with a large, soft sponge. Clean the hull using circular motions. You can now rinse it with clean water and wipe off any remaining cleaning solution.

Keep your boat seats clean and comfortable

Marine seating manufacturers such as UES Int recommend cleaning your boat seats after every trip. By maintaining and protecting your seats, they’ll last longer and won’t rip and crack. Again, use clean, fresh water and a cleaning solution that’s safe for seating to get rid of salt and dirt. Marine bleach can also be used to get rid of any mould and mildew.

Remember to cover your seats with a seat protector once they’re dry.

It’s also recommended that you remove your seats and give them a deep clean every few years.

Keep your stainless steel shiny

Nothing looks better than a boat with shiny stainless steel. Use fresh water to clean all stainless steel parts after every trip to stop the saltwater from attacking the chromium oxide film.

Only use non-abrasive cloths with a mild detergent to clean the steel parts and stay away from any harsh brushes or cleaning solutions. Once cleaned, use a good stainless steel polish to prevent stains and rust.

Keep your boat rust free

If your boat has started to rust in places, you can still take steps to prevent the rust from getting worse. Septone Fish Oil comes highly recommended for stopping rust. Use a wire brush to get rid of any loose particles and then chip away at any damaged area to remove the rust. You can then wipe these areas with the fish oil.

Keep your trailer well maintained

Your trailer is one part that definitely needs regular maintenance and attention. All of the trailer parts require grease for protection, which is why it’s important to check grease levels before any trip. If you don’t use your trailer regularly, it’s ok to lubricate the bearings once a year.

Apply grease to the winch, coupling and axel springs to prevent rust and corrosion. Your hands are the best applicators for grease. Excess salt and dirt can really damage your trailer if it gets into the moving parts, which is why it’s important to maintain it.

Not only will cleaning and maintaining your boat leave you with a better-looking boat, it will also increase the resale value of your boat later on.