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A deck is a flat surface that can easily support the weight placed on it. This trend is becoming more efficient to use in place of timber. For this reason, most people are opting for composite decks which are long-lasting and requires less maintenance.

Composite decking

The composite decks are made of a recycled mixture of timber and plastic which makes them more durable to every weather conditions. These decks can either be used to make rails, gates or even floors. To improve homes outlook and making them more elegant you can choose to build rails with composite decks. This will help to bring out a more refreshing and comfortable look of your home.

Composite decking boards

These are man-made building materials that are readily available in the market. The boards are durable and have a low maintenance cost and for this reason, their popularity is fast growing. These boards cannot be damaged by insects unlike the timber decks and thus make them sell very fast. Deck boards only require some little attention to make them remain in good condition. Some of the ways to ensure that they are well maintained is by;

  • Ensuring that they are dry and clean- this will help the deck boards to remain as good as new.
  • Less use of wet mulch which does not go well with deck boards will also help in the deck’s maintenance
  • Cleaning the decks often.
  • Ensuring that the drainage systems are well placed to avoid standing waters anywhere near the deck boards.

Composite decking suppliers

There are different types of brands of these decking boards. Some of them are; Trex Transcend decking, Azek decking, TimberTech decking, Fiberon decking, Cali-Bamboo decking which are of high quality.

Decking supply is done by various suppliers who offer wholesale services while others are trusted suppliers. We are should be very cautious when we decide to buy these products because to avoid acquiring low-quality goods which will last for a shorter period.

Plastic Composite decking

These type of decking is considered to be premium because it has some unique features from the other decking boards. These composite boards are made of polyvinyl chloride and other composite materials which can be recycled thus making them environmentally friendly. These boards are favourable for wet and dry surfaces, they also have a range of different colours and are very durable.


With the fast-growing trends of construction of homes, the use of composite decking materials is advisable since they have a friendly cost and requires less maintenance making them more durable and reliable.