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Multiple benefits of Anavar

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Anavar(Oxandrolone)is regarded as a weak steroid that has low availability but it is hugely popular because of its safety. Unlike Oxymetholone, Oxandrolone is regarded as the safest of all steroids. Its effects are well-documented and have been prevalent for years now. Because this steroid is a safer alternative for harmful steroids so it can be safely used in children and patients suffering from hepatoxicity. Its most notable medical use has been accelerating wound healing applied to treat burns. It is also safe for usage in prepubescent children having a growth delay. Till now no harmful effects have been noted from the usage of this specific therapy.

Use of injectable Anavar

Among all anabolic steroids, this steroid is identified as one of the well-known drugs used through cutting cycles. When you are using this anabolic steroid you need not bother about aromatization and additionally, you will be able to promote linear growth. It has numerous medical uses and mainly it helps in treating women suffering from osteoporosis. This steroid also helps patients suffering from wasting syndrome because of HIV or AIDS. You can notice dramatic strength in your body with the usage of this steroid. Whatever be your purpose if taken carelessly you can expect adverse reactions from the injectable form. Some people experience skin numbness, slurred speech and still some abdominal pain.

The injections are medically indicated for patients who have had extensive surgery and presently in physical therapy after losing weight. Its usefulness also includes stem chronic infections post severe physical trauma.  It turns out to be useful for controlling the protein catabolism produced by the protracted use of corticosteroids. Additional medical use of this steroid is to treat patients having bone pain that frequently attends osteoporosis. It stimulates weight gain in patients who don’t have a medical or physical reason for maintaining a normal weight. Bodybuilders and athletes use this injectable version when they are on a diet for eliminating body fat while wishing to maintain lean muscle mass.

Best doses for pills or injections

The dosage that medical professionals recommended for females is 2.5mg-20mg per day and 100mg-200mg for males. This medicine can be stacked with anabolics like Halotstin, Winstrol, Equipoise, Proviron, Primobolan and Human growth hormone. This steroid is effective for both cutting and bulking cycles, but it has more effectiveness for cutting cycles. It is best if you take this medicine twice a day, first one at daybreak and the second one at night because the concentrations of injectable form lessen largely after 10 to 16 hours of administering it.

Method of taking the pills

The medicinal pills are generally taken by mouth 2 to 4 times per day or as instructed by your physician. Use this anabolic steroid habitually in order to get the maximum benefit. Remember to take this medicine at the same time every day. However, this medicine is commonly used for short-term treatment. Steroid abuse leads to serious side effects like stroke, mental or mood problems, stroke, liver disease. Some people experience skin numbness too. Do not increase the dosage for extended periods than prescribed. Again do not suddenly stop using this drug as you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms like irritability, depression and tiredness.