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Photography and its various types

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With the coming of the Android and Smart phones the interest in photography has taken a huge leap, people have started taking a huge liking towards this form of art and inclined towards purchasing good cameras. Photography has all of a sudden become a hobby very much in vogue. Slowly, this hobby is beginning to be taken seriously and as a result being pursued professionally by many as well.

Just like any other creative art Photography also needs to you to have a creative mind. It is about seeing that thing in a particular scene that others cannot and eventually bring that to the fore for others to view. Surely you are not creating the scenario but you are presenting a completely new perspective to an otherwise very common thing. But in order to be able to do that you need to be completely in love with this art form like David Berkowitz Chicago.

This man hails from the beautiful state of North Carolina and is a production designer by profession, but his love for baseball and photography is beyond comparison. He is absolutely passionate about both things and takes them very seriously in his leisure time. His particular area of like is urban photography. Talking of urban photography, it is important to remember that photography can be of various kinds. It is not just an act of taking up your camera and clicking a photograph with the purpose of saving it as a memory; there is much more to photography than this.

Photojournalism, to start with, is one kind of photography, which as the name suggests is a kind of journalism. You click photographs of important events and people and use them in the newspapers and magazines. Photographs are a very integral and important part of journalism as they help attract readers. This genre of photography is particularly difficult because the real emotions of the people need to be captured in it.

A close relative of photojournalism is Documentary, the only difference of the latter one with the former is that it focuses on capturing an era and provides evidence of it. This needs a lot of expertise and definitely a practiced hand.

A relatively new of form of photography is Macro photography. The uniqueness of this type is that the photographs need to be clicked from a very close physical proximity. An expert knowledge and experience is required along with very expensive professional filming equipment, in order to do this successfully.

The association of glamour with every little thing has made glamour photography a very preferred genre, wherein the beauty of the form of the body needs to captured accurately. The challenge however, is to maintain the decorum and respect of the person photographed so that there is nothing objectionable or obscene.

Whichever the form of photography, the basic thing required to be acclaimed as a good photographer like David Berkowitz Chicago is an eye for searching out the beauty in everything. It is the ability to identify and bring to the vicinity something new in every other old thing.