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Planning A Festive Christmas Party For The Office

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The Christmas party is the time of the year for your employees to let their hair down and reap the benefits of their hard work. Planning a party can be time-consuming, finding the right Christmas party venue, choosing the theme and deciding on food, all takes careful consideration. Check out this guide for more information on planning a party to remember.

1. Determine Your Preferred Venue

These parties are generally held at the office site itself or at an outside facility. The determination often turns on how much of a budget you have and how many guests are likely to attend. Primary venue options can be found below, and searching online is another easy way to identify solid choices.

If the event is going to be larger in scale, an upscale hotel or historic location could be a great choice if such spots are accustomed to hosting your type of party. A smaller function could be held at a local restaurant, pub or village hall.

2. Choose Your Event Date

This is a detail that should be fixed at the earliest opportunity. Doing so will ensure that the largest number of guests will actually be able to attend. Getting on everyone’s calendar early helps make certain that turnout is strong on the actual date.

A great idea in this realm is to select a couple of dates that could work for the party as well as for the desired venue. Then, allow everyone to vote on which date and time they think is best.

3. Convey The Invitations

Once a party venue is chosen, the announcements can be made. A “Save the Date” notification can be emailed, with official invitations to follow later on. Of course, if every detail is already nailed down, the full invitation can be delivered right away.

4. Identify The Party Theme

If the party is going to be thrown in conjunction with another group, this step may be unnecessary. But otherwise, selecting a fun theme is actually an enjoyable part of party planning. An event professional will likely have lots of concepts at hand, but it is also fine for you to do some brainstorming to pick something you know your colleagues will love.

After a theme is picked, start making a detailed list of the decor items and other favors that will be the key to making the entire party a hit.

5. Begin Menu Planning

A few months in advance of the party, it is wise to start considering catering options. Again, if this is an event being thrown within a larger one, this detail may already be handled. Otherwise, it may be necessary to start circulating different food options among the prospective attendees and begin tabulating preferences.

First, check to see if any of the guests have dietary restrictions that need to be observed. There could be those with allergies, vegans or vegetarians on the list, and they will need to have dining options at the event.

If caterers are going to be hired, things will likely go quite smoothly. They will have a host of food options from which to choose, and once those decisions are made, things will move like clockwork.

6. Picking The Right Beverages

Of course, parties within larger functions will again have this aspect already sorted, most likely. However, if you are in charge of the affair, the type and quantity of beverages to have on hand will need to be determined.

A handy guide in this realm is to plan for 2 drinks a guest for the initial hour of the event and then an additional drink for each hour afterward.

If table wine will be available, it makes sense to plan for 2 glasses per attendee, which equates to half a bottle.

Always have water and soft drinks on hand as well. There are always guests who choose not to consume alcohol, and it is wise to help make sure that none of the guests over-indulge in liquor. Having safe alternative beverages available makes this easier.

7. Decide On Event Entertainment

Perhaps your venue already provides entertainment as a built-in feature, but if this not the case, you will need to make some decisions. Music for the purposes of dancing is a must, and for many parties, this is entirely sufficient. However, if the budget allows, it can be fun to get creative with some additional entertainment options. Comedians, magicians or perhaps even fortune tellers can create just the type of festive atmosphere your party needs. In the end, some careful planning will guarantee a fun time for all!