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Platinum Grinders Review (Features, Pros, Cons)

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Nowadays, finding the right kind of herb grinder becomes harder as many innovations are popping out in the market. It makes picking the best grinder such a challenge. If you learn the essential features of a grinder, you will be able to come up with a better decision of choosing what particular grinder would really work for you. One grinder making a name in the market today is the Platinum Grinders.In this Platinum Grinders review, we will walk you through the features, pros, and cons of the certain grinder and what separates it amongst other weed grinders.


If you are to differentiate an herb grinder to another, the things that you should consider are its features. There are factors that you would want to look through in an herb grinder: materials, design, and as well as the performance. By knowing so, you will have an idea of what particular feature do a certain herb grinder have that the others do not.


One factor that you would directly notice if you see a product is its material. The good thing about the Platinum Grinders it is made of anodized aluminum. With this type of material, it assures a scratch-free outer appearance. Even if you drop or accidentally scrape the herb grinder, you would not have to worry as it would not leave any scratch on the Platinum Grinders. This material makes the grinder better amongst its other competitors when it comes to durability. However, when it comes to the interior of the herb grinder, it is only made with silver aluminum material which is a lower quality compared to other high end grinders.


In order for a grinder to give out its best possible performance, then it should have the right, efficient design. With a 2.5” size, the Platinum Grinders is very portable. You can bring it with you wherever you want to as it is not bulky unlike other herb grinders. The Platinum Grinderscomes in four compartments. The pieces are composed of the lid, the teeth, screen and as well as the pollen catcher. There are grinders that are composed of 25 teeth. In this particular grinder, it has 49 teeth which makes it a better grinder, not just because of the quantity of teeth but having a diamond-shaped, sharp teeth.

Not all people have the same visual preference. Buying a product would sometimes not just really on the quality itself; others would also take consideration of its appearance. As for the Platinum Grinders, it comes with only one size and one color as well. If you are fond of matching your own preference color, then you will have to look for other grinder as the Platinum Grinder only comes with black.


Testing grinder is how you will know if the grinder is good or not. The performance is one that you will certainly consider when choosing one for you. When it comes to the quality of grinding, the Platinum grinders really does fine and will allow plenty amount of herb into the grinder. Though it has smaller size, you will be able to make use of the available space of the grinder. When you start turning the grinder to start processing the herb, you will the smoothness. With an average range for its turning motion, it will give a decent output.


When it comes to rate, the Platinum Grinders is one that you would not regret buying as you will get to own it at a decent price. This grinder is one of those products that has the quality and the price point in balance. You will definitely get what you are pay for.


Not all grinders promises great durability which is one that Platinum Grinders offer. Aside from the scratch-free feature, the grinder will certainly provide a precise and efficient grinding of herb. With the kind of performance that this particular herb grinder gives, the price that you will have to pay is definitely worthy. You can have it at a decent price. In addition, the Platinum Grinders is one grinder that you can trust for you herb.


As you use the herb grinder, you would not be able to point any major drawbacks as it provides great performance when it comes to grinding herb. However, you may notice slight setback when you use the grinder, which is the sticking of herb into the teeth of the grinders. The lack of variety may also be considered as one of its drawbacks. Other than that, all other features of the grinder are good.


Materials: 3 / 5

Design:                 4 / 5

Performance: 4 /5

Price: 4 / 5