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Say Goodby to Winter Washed Skin With a Gotham Glow

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That’s right, it seems impossible to wash away those harsh wintery looks. Your make-up won’t help here! Now that the summer is on the way you need a healthy outdoor look. You can have this so easily. Get a Gotham Glow Tan and see the difference. All your friends and colleagues as well as office co-workers will envy your healthy-looking skin at the beginning of this summer.

For that matter, why not have that healthy skin tone all year round? It’s possible even if you work from home. We at Gotham Glow in New York have a mobile unit. So, don’t fuss, give us a call or go to our website for all the information. We can send our mobile unit with a pop-up no mess tent, right at your doorstep, and give you the most exciting tan of your life.

Have you seen colleagues who have that healthy outdoor look? Chances are they have a Gotham Glow tan as well. See out ads on Twitter and soak up the feeling. We are also on Facebook where wonderful tans leave you breathless. Don’t forget, we’re on Google as well with some of our wonderful products. Gotham Glow in downtown New York have the following great tans available, take a look:

  • Gotham Glow: Classic natural tan

Microglow: Perfect look for just a hint of sun

  • Macroglow: Perfect week in the sun vacation look
  • Six pack tan: Achieve any of the above looks in either express or classic soluttions.

There are many occasions for a Gotham Glow:

Date night? Want to wear that sexy off the shoulder dress? Need help standing out in a wedding dress? Bearing it all at the beach? Want to enhance all the muscle definition you’ve achieved at the gym?

Get a healthy-looking tan with a Gotham Glow tan. Before you go, there are just a few small details you need to take care of. Have your usual waxes and facial treatments before you go. Do not apply skin preparations such as moisturizers, perfumes etc. Have a shave with a blade razor rather than your usual hair removers. Have manis and pedis also before, and you’re all set. also remember, the first shower after a Gotham Glow tan should be with lukewarm water and no soap or other body washes.

Once you have had your complete tan you will be the envy of a dinner date or simply a weekend at your favorite health farm.  Gotham Glow tans are remarkable as they cater for all types of skin. So, if you are going places, first take a look at our different tans specially designed for all occasions. There are tans to suit every skin tone, no matter how light or deep.

Lastly, and after you have looked at our really fantastic Facebook and Twitter pages, give us a like! And, don’t forget we’re on Google also.  For detailed information and prices please go to our website and check out the various options.