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Secrets To Getting Local Law 26 To Complete Tasks Quickly And Efficiently

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The Local Law 26 incorporates the recommendations issued by the task force amending the building code and fire prevention code. The law mentions the retroactive and prospective requirements for the buildings above average height threshold. Main amendments specified by the Department of Buildings are as follows:

  1. Retroactive Requirements:
  • Photoluminescent markings should be done on doors and stairs leading to exits.
  • Additional signage where egress path not clear i.e. install wall signs (i) where entry is restricted, (ii) where re-entry door is around the corner, (iii) illuminating the exit sign with horizontal extensions and transfer levels.
  • Sprinklers in buildings taller than 100 feet should be done. A special time limit of 15 years was also provided for the installation.
  • Exit sign power source: The power source for the existing illuminated exit doors should be connected to an independent power source whether they are connected to the main switch or not.
  1. Prospective Requirements:
  • Scissor stairs: stairs are prohibited to share a common wall, floor or ceilings in the buildings higher than 75 feet.
  • Fire tower option: fire towers are permitted in lieu of interior and exterior stairs regardless of the building height.
  • Impact resistant stairs and elevators: elevators in buildings having more than 4 stories must open onto a smoke-stop vestibule.
  • Open web steel joists are prohibited unless the commissioner promulgates fireproofing standards
  • Inspection of existing fireproofing is done to look for any possible alteration to avoid various issues.
  • Inspection of fire dampers and installation of the proper ventilation system.
  • Air intake locations must be 20 ft above grade, 20 ft from exhaust discharge, and 20 ft from loading bays.
  • Fuel oil piping above the lowest floor is prohibited.
  • Floor drains in the elevator shaft and vestibules are subject to the applicant and are excluded from fixture count calculations.
  • Emergency action plan for evacuation.

The NewYork Engineers follows all the requirements specified by Local Law 26 and provide licensed and verified documentation of the work.