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Shopping In Abu Dhabi: Top 7 Tips

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Shopping is often a hobby and that too if you go for a trip, people tend to purchase popular things at that particular place. If you choose the abu dhabi holiday package, there will be no completion of the tour without walking inside the mall. But before shopping in Abu Dhabi one must compulsorily know about the place and tax rates. In Abu Dhabi, the fine art of buying products is bargaining. Though it seems useful, it will not work everywhere. Another important thing to remember is that is the lower budget products do not have tax or VAT.

 As everybody is aware of shopping festivals in Abu Dhabi, there are many shops all around the year. Therefore, one need not worry about booking abu dhabi tour packages. Shops are open until late night but if you see in the noon, it is not the same case. As there are prayers, shops open late in the noontime and that too in the Fridays it will be too late. So before going through any shopping, quickly go through the tips so that you can save your money.

  1. Payment of Tax

Emirates in Abu Dhabi are still in discussions of proclaiming 5% tax. But, some low price products do not have tax or any vat charges. So, you need not worry about purchasing the products. As of now, chill and make a quick deal to purchase your favorite products.

  1. Know about Shopping Time

As Abu Dhabi is a hot place, most of the shops remain closed in the afternoon sessions. But you can spot people in those places by evening. However, due to prayers, some small shops will not open on Fridays. The camel markets have an exception of opening the markets in morning and afternoon. The most famous Camel Souk in Al Ain typically has the session on early morning to the noon. When we take a look of malls it remains open until late nights.

When you book your abu dhabi holiday package on the festival season, you can easily check for the shops with discounts, raffles, night shows, and promotions. The first Dubai Shopping Festival is in the year 1996 and from that every beginning of the year, Abu Dhabi has its own enjoyment. After this festival, Dubai summer surprise is during the summer months with less number of discounts.

  1. Buying Gold

Gold is pretty much cheaper in Abu Dhabi. You can easily spot a variety of gold bars, gold chain in every place. The best place for buying gold in the Dubai Gold Souk. The only chance to buy gold is bargain. Yes, if you like the gold piece do not stop buy just buying the price they predict. Check out the prices for all the shops and they again match with the price of your selected shop. The dealer will definitely match for the price.

  1. Buying Clothes

One can easily buy clothes in malls. Many quality small shops give the best deals for the material. When you choose abu dhabi tour packages, do not forget to look at the mall and its price deals.

  1. Rugs bargaining

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the best places to buy rugs, as the origin of the customized rug is here. People who come here will not leave without buying the rugs. For buying rugs, it is better to check out for festivals season. Wait for sometime over the shops to get best deals.

  1. Selection of Perfumes and Species

When you think of Abu Dhabi automatically the aroma of species and flavor of perfumes are the two things that come to the mind. So select the best perfumes and scents without going beyond the price. If you are a person for the first time, be patient to choose the best smell.

  1. Buying of Souvenirs

Plenty of shops offer different types of gift for your friends and family. Do not just walk away if the price is not negotiable, as most of the owner will call you back to make a deal.