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Stanhope Seta Lab Equipment- Why they are the Best for Quality Control Procedures

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Stanhope Seta Lab Equipment are designed to perform quality control tests, calibration, analysis, research and product consistency. The equipment is used in diverse industries, including food, petrochemical, oil, pharmaceutical and transport. As such, the range extends to more than 100 quality control instruments for measuring quality parameters like viscosity, flash point, contaminants and vapour pressure, among others.

The company has partnered with international standardisation bodies, including IP, DIN, ISO, ASTM and BSI and is working closely with the leading consumers to produce cutting-edge testing specifications that determine the quality standards of many products. Additionally, Stanhope Seta Laboratory Instrument Manufacturers’ research and design facility is supported by ISO 9001 manufacturing.

This also means SETA products are supplied with formal certification that confirms that goods have been tested and accredited to the requirements of the required specifications. The test and inspection procedures should conform to the written test schedules and quality system stipulated on the company’s ISO 9001 registration. Stanhope-Seta has also set up an analytical division for petroleum products called Seta Analytics.

The division has vast experience in testing petroleum products and possesses advanced measurement technologies to provide enhanced analytical solutions for refining, distribution, exploration, petrochemical and marketing operations. The most recent developments involve the use of laser-based measurements for electrochemical sensors for H2S detection, particle counting and miniature FTIR technology for low-level detection of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) in jet fuel. The company has obtained certification from different international bodies that ensure their products are reliable and trustworthy. Here’s what Stanhope Seta Supplier accreditation means to a user.

Calibration Certificate

Stanhope Seta Lab Equipment calibration certificate ensures the instrument is provided with the correction that should be applied to obtain the correct reading according to a National Standard. This certificate is issued by a laboratory accredited by the Government, e.g., the UKAS or its equivalent and provides global traceability.

Certificate of Conformity

The accreditation ensures the product has met the requirements of the relevant specification or the test method. It also states the product has conformed (within tolerance) to the required standard, but it does not offer corrections and does not specify the instrument.

Works Calibration Certificate

The certification provides the correction that should be made to a specific instrument to get the appropriate reading value. The calibration is performed by the manufacturer using traceable equipment to the National Standard.

Pressure Test Certificate

The accreditation confirms the pressure rating of a high-pressure instrument or vessel. Typically, the test is carried out by a laboratory endorsed by UKAS.