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Taragh Bracken’s Observations For Millennials Weddings

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Weddings seems full bloom in the social media world. I don’t know about you, but Taragh Bracken—the goddess of all things marriage-related thanks to her legal firm—has been at cahoots over the fairy tale receptions and the princess ballgowns she’s been observing online. Unfortunately, the millennials who are getting married today represent a large portion of Bracken’s future clients, namely for divorce or marriage counselling. It’s sadly how the statistics unfold. So how do we decipher what the differences are between millennials and their marriage rituals today, versus that of their predecessors?

Many Millennials Meet Online

You’ve likely heard of dating sites like OKcupid, Tinder or Bumble. Some are apps that are mainly superficial or conversational, and some require an in-depth profile and the completion of a detailed test in order to find their perfect match. Turns out that these individuals are aligned with a healthier, divorce-free relationship. A lucrative study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, funded by eHarmony, states that the individuals who met their partner online versus in offline channels are more likely to maintain connected throughout their entire relationship.

They Live Together Prior to Marriage

In order to help keep those divorce rates low, and submerge themselves from the risks associated with it, millennials will undoubtedly live together prior to getting married. Sometimes they will spend a few years prior to getting engaged and starting the wedding planning processions. However, if you think that all your problems are going to go away once you share the same roof, know that you are fooled! Any issues you may be going through will only be amplified as you are practically with one another 24/7.

Lavish Weddings Are In

When you take a cohort of individuals who pride themselves on experiences, you can expect the weddings to be a stormy, lavish experience for all to remember. It’s about creating last memories where everyone will remember the open bar, continuous layers of food, the live band and dancers, and the individually personalized gifts. Everything is bigger and better than you could ever imagine. Don’t forget… They need to look good on social media!