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The L-Sealer Packaging Machines.

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The L-Sealer packaging machine conveys products into the shrink tunnel through a conveying belt. The products are then shrink packaged after cutting and sealing. During the packaging, shrink wrappers release heat. The heat shrinks a shrinkable film around the product. Shrink packaging is ideal for packaging:


  • Hardware,


  • Pharmaceutical products,


  • Beverage,


  • Mineral water,


  • Printing,


  • Beer,


  • Pop-top cans,


  • Glass bottles and


  • Electronic products.


The shrink wrapping machine (or shrink packaging machine) sealers are common L-sealer machines. They apply heat shrinking for packaging. Automated sealers usually perform the packaging tasks. However, semi-automatic and manual shrink wrappers are also Applicable.

Manual L-Sealer

A Manual L sealer machine is equipped with a shrink tunnel to enable higher working capacity. Manual L sealer can be suitable for all types of packaging materials including PP, POF, and PVC. The machine is perfect for shrink packing ceramics, hardware, and electronic products among others. It packages in small amounts.


Semi-automatic L-Sealer

This cutting machine conveys products into the shrink tunnel through a conveying belt. It has a protection system for sealing the knife against cutting and overheating. It also features an anti-sticking thermos-table cutter and a nano-fiber cutter holder for cutting and sealing. These features enable proper sealing without coking or cracking.


Automatic L-Sealer

This machine is a fully automatic L sealing cutter. It is commonly used for lot production in pipe-lining and offers high efficiency. This machine is furnished with the auto film feeding and perforating device. It is also equipped with an adjustable product infeed conveyor table. The conveyor table is suitable for varying needs from different products.


The SPLS-5545A comes with a compact lock device designed for packing of small products. This machine features an aluminium alloy cutter coated with DUPONT Teflon. The cutter is thermostable and has antis ticking. These features enable appropriate sealing without coking, cracking, or with no smoke pollution.