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The significance of the Follow-up Letter

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Something we discuss consistently with this coaching students is the significance of the follow-up letter. However, the follow-up letter isn’t restricted to individuals who’re operating a lease purchase business. Whatever kind of business you’re operating, after talking to a possible client you ought to be delivering some form of follow-up correspondence. Maybe it’s a letter, a publish card, or sometimes an e-mail.

I can not count the amount of deals we’ve become from the follow-up letter we sent. A long time to put into practice before talking with selling real estate was 14 several weeks, but we did listen to them. Why, since i sent a follow-up letter and incorporated my card for the reason that letter. With lease purchasing and also the card we use, we provide a motivation to sellers to. Our card includes a very memorable saying, it can make people wish to give us a call! So, you need to make sure your card distinguishes you against the rest. Consider it, the number of individuals have visited open houses and saw all the different business card printing from realtors located on a counter and table. Nothing on individuals cards distinguishes one in the other.

A number of you’ve requested, how do you obtain address? Request it, and that i don’t mean in the finish from the conversation, because many occasions they will not create it for you. For individuals people in lease purchasing it is simple because our callers need to inform us their address to ensure that us to visit and check out the home.

For individuals individuals running other kinds of companies, you will have to have a lengthy hard review your telephone script and find out the best way to modify it to include the address in your script. Offer something so appealing they’re asking if you would like their address so that you can send them something!

For individuals individuals this will not work with, let them know regarding your website, or that you’d like to transmit them some kind of special web only offers and try to obtain address this way.

If many of these fail, purchase a mix checking service, where together with your prospects phone number, you may also get access to their address!