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Top must-have items for security guards

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Security is a tough job, whether standing on the door of a busy pub or club or patrolling business premises after dark. Here is our list of essential equipment to keep security guards at their very best, no matter what they encounter.

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1 Clothing

A uniform that clearly identifies security staff is a must, enhancing their authority and letting everyone know they are there. High-visibility clothing is useful for outdoor events. Security guards spend a lot of time on their feet and need comfort and durability from their footwear; therefore, a good pair of boots is essential.

2 Torch

A reliable torch is helpful, even to guards working a day shift, for shining light into dark rooms or small spaces. Although they can be heavy, a good torch is indispensable.

3 Camera

Cameras protect security guards. If CCTV is installed in an area, it deters crime; therefore, having a security camera monitoring your premises helps everyone. The government has produced a code of practice for camera owner/operators.

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If CCTV is not available at a site, a portable, digital camera should be on hand for the guard to capture any incidents they discover.

With modern technological advances, cameras are smaller than ever and it is now possible to use body worn cameras that can record video with the swipe of a finger for up to eight hours. These are available from manufacturers such as

4 Notepad and pen

It is back to basics with this item, but a security guard should always have a notepad and pen with them to take note of any information or incidents they need to recall when they are back in the office.

5 Walkie-talkie

This is another area in which technology is advancing rapidly, with cloud-based communication solutions now available. If you are not ready for this leap, the two-way radio continues to be an essential piece of kit for a security guard, whether they are working at a festival or patrolling a shopping centre. The ability to report problems and call for assistance should not be underestimated.

There are other items a guard might want, such as a good belt or a mobile phone for backup; however, this list provides a good basis for essential equipment for you staff, whatever circumstances they work in.