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Understanding a Few Things about ATEX-Certified Handheld Computers

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A rugged mobile device must be designed to withstand tough environmental conditions. Buyers must be sure that the products they get will not suffer damage at the slightest exposure to harsh surroundings. ATEX certification is one of the elements to look for when getting mobile devices. An Atex handheld computer is uniquely built with protection against explosion. But what is ATEX and how does it apply to rugged devices?

ATEX Certification

ATEX is a European directive based on the French terms atmosphères explosibles. The European Committee for Standardization drew up the directive that offers provisions for equipment and protective systems that are designed for use in explosive settings. Any device that is intended for use in the EU must have ATEX certification. Atex mobile computers must adhere to specific health and safety requirements. Various factors determine if a certain atmosphere is explosive such as the presence of combustible dust, flammable mists, gases and vapours.

Testing for Atex-certified Devices

When you see Atex handheld for sale, it means that they have been through testing to guarantee that they comply with the directive. Manufacturers must ensure that devices have a lower risk of exploding when used in a hazardous environment. A third party is responsible for the testing to check that the construction of a rugged computer conforms to specific regulations. Some manufacturers will have rugged builds from the inside out while others only ruggedise a few components like the casing. Self-certification is possible for products that are built for use in less hazardous conditions. After testing, products are labelled to make it easier for buyers.

The Advantage of Atex mobile Devices

Rugged handhelds can last a while in dangerous environments without succumbing to the harsh conditions. These products are wear resistant, which adds to their lifespans. You can use an Atex-certified computer on a mine site without worrying about the monitor exploding. Several other environments will find good uses for rugged mobile computers. A pharmaceutical company where flammable chemicals can result in accidents, gas & oil companies where explosive materials surround devices and petrol stations are good examples. An Atex handheld device will have a sturdy construction to protect components from exposure to various elements.

When you need a mobile device that can be used in different hazardous settings, find an Atex handheld supplier for quality products. Get an Atex-certified mobile device that will not let you down when working in dangerous conditions.