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Unusual Facts about Penis Enlargement | Are They Safe & Effective?

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Usually, healthcare providers tell prostate cancer patients to eat diets that are rich in Ellagic acid. Penis enlargement remedies increase the flow of blood through tiny vessels that help patients get a firmer erection. Is it possible to enlarge the male organ? That’s the first question many young people ask when they become sexually active. Meanwhile, there are scientifically proven herbal extracts that are natural male enhancement products. Having a small penis could lead to bedroom embarrassment and a loss of confidence.

An online review on Virectin shows what consumers are saying about the dick pills. However, there are regular male enhancement supplements that contain synthetic chemicals. Virectin is a sexual enhancement for men that work by using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients – antioxidants, and many nutrients. The pill relaxes and expands penile blood vessels for blood and nutrients cause an enlarged penis. More so, the pill has a multifunctional use; it’s safe and affordable.

How to enlarge your penis naturally?

Why should anyone think of phalloplasty (penis enlargement through surgery) when there are effective ways of enlarging your penis naturally? Besides the excruciating pain from surgery, the process is not cost-effective. However, herbal extracts from plants can do the magic of dick elongation. With natural methods of dick elongation, there’s no need to enhance the diameter and length by using surgery. Natural ingredients for penis enlargement are meant for adult males that are at least eighteen years old.

However, it’s common to find adult men that are over the age of thirty with sexual dysfunction problems.

Benefits of herbal male enhancement pills

Many consumers that have used herbal male enhancement pills have validated some of the claims made by the manufacturers. It’s common to use penis enlargement pills for different purposes. The main advantage of herbal male enhancement pills is the blend of whole natural extracts. Each of the herbal ingredients targets a reproductive issue. Here’s a list of some advantages as confirmed by consumers of herbal male enhancement pills.

  • Dick enlargement from a harder and long-lasting erection
  • Boost the flow of blood and nutrient to the penis.
  • Whole herbal ingredients that have been used as Ayurvedic medicines (doesn’t include Yohimbe)
  • High libido, stamina, and energy
  • Increases the production of testosterone

How to enlarge your penis at home

Usually, victims of low testosterone levels lose confidence while on the bed with their sexual partners. However, with the use of Ayurvedic herbs, there’s a renewed sexual confidence and result. At home, you can increase the girth and length of your penis by at least three inches. There are natural ingredients like Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia), Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed (Herba Epimedium) and many more. These herbal remedies can offer the desired results, and boost the production of testosterone.

How to enlarge small penis

There are unusual facts about penis enlargement. However, counterfeiting has made many regular over-the-counter male enhancement supplements unsafe for consumption. Male enhancement pills that contain clinically proven herbal extracts (without chemical additives) are safe an effective.

A small penis can be enlarged when certain hormones are triggered to increase the flow of blood to the corpora cavernosa (penile chambers) of the penis. Initially, the visible signs are energy, more libido, long-lasting and harder erections. More so, the potency of male enhancement pills drives sexual performance, treat performance disorders, increase penis size, give harder and long-lasting erections.

Male enhancement exercises

There are different ways of how to enlarge male organ. Apart from the dick enlargement procedure that involves pills, male enhancement exercises are slow but effective. There are exercises; they require constant practice. Jelqing is a type of male enhancement exercise. It’s based on the technique of massaging the penis for steady blood flow to its tip. However, jelqing can cause disfigurement of the male reproductive organ.

Jelqing is a male enhancement rigorous exercise that takes between 2 to 4 hours every day. Before massaging the boneless organ, you’d have to dangle a piece of dead weight from your penis. Instead of suffering pains and risking the flesh of your penis to scars, use natural ingredients that are safe and effective.

Natural ingredients for penis enlargement

Avena Sativa (Wild Oats)

The organic extract from wild oats is an ingredient in herbal male enhancement pills. Wild oats herbs are organic aphrodisiacs that activate the release of testosterone. The herbal extract increases libido and provides sexual performance and treats premature ejaculation.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

It’s common to find sexually active men that are above the age of thirty years that are suffering from the weak erection of the penis. Vitamin B3 (niacin) is an additive to male enhancement pills. The role of vitamin B3 is to increase blood supply (that carries nutrient) to the penile chambers for firmer and long-lasting erections.


The best male enhancement supplements use Selenium to increase the quality of sperm within a period. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that controls the volume of sperm per ejaculation. A little concentration of this ingredient can assist patients with infertility conditions to boost their sperm’s virility.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia)

The treatment of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are effective by using Tongkat Ali. The herb has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries. The Tongkat Ali extract treats erectile dysfunction by raising testosterone levels. There are natural ingredients that are effective for penis enlargement. All ingredients have various functions; however, their overall goal is to increase sexual satisfaction and boost confidence.


There are many answers on how to get a bigger dick. Usually, nitric oxide is added to male enhancement supplements. Nitrates help to relax and dilate penile blood vessels for a long-lasting erection. Consumers of male enhancement pill shouldn’t be anxious to enlarge their penis without understanding the unusual facts of penis enlargement. Men that suffer from low testosterone are often embarrassed in bed when they meet their sexual partners. However, with the use of powerful herbs, there’s a renewed sexual performance.