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What are the Best University Degrees for Getting a Job?

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Ask any student these days and they will all tell you that the difficulty in getting a job post-university can be second to none in terms of difficulty. Many people struggle with finding something that is related to what they want to do or what they have studied, luckily, there are a number of degrees that are interchangeable and can be applied in a number of different jobs. Take a look below and see which university degrees are best for getting you a job.

Business Administration:

A business degree is a particularly useful degree for people to have. This shows employers that you’re able to understand how businesses work. This particular degree is basically good for any job too, there’s not company that wouldn’t benefit from a Business graduate’s insight. The main thing about Business Administration, is that it demonstrates a knowledge of valuable business practices too, another element that companies are desperate for people to have. This also suggest to employers that they do no need to spend as much money on training staff members either. There are plenty of universities that offer Business degrees.

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With Mathematics, plenty of companies are interested in people with a firm understanding of mathematics. No only does every company require some knowledge of mathematics at some point. Mathematics also shows an ability to think logically as well; this is something that companies very much value in their employees, the fact that you can look over things in a clear and concise manner will always appeal to them. Also as well a Mathematics degree is also good if you’re looking to work in a job that has a lot of mathematical application, even if you’re not working in the accounts department! Mathematics also shows that you can weigh up a number of variables too, whether you’re comparing the best prices online for your company’s ordering processes or you’re comparing the best universities for nightlife.


The Law degree is a little tricky, because of the fact that it can take upwards of seven years to complete one, and no working in the Law sector, can feel like a bit of a waste of time for people. However, Law can show employers that you’re willing to work hard (Especially if you’ve been working for seven years in order to achieve this degree), it shows as well that you have a fine attention to detail too, especially as well because a Law degree is all about attention to detail. The application of a Law degree outside of Law or policing can seem a little futile, but this is another degree that companies value very highly indeed.


With an Education degree, people often are unaware of the value that this has in application outside of schooling. This degree suggests to companies that you value training very highly too. A lot of students take Education on so as to facilitate a career in teaching and the like, so this is a good degree for you if you’re looking to show people what you can do. This degree shows that you have a good eye for detail, value learning high, focus on the practical and theoretical applications of anything that you’re teaching and that you also have a high level of patience too, another very big thing for companies that are hiring too.