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What Is A Modular Cold Room?

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When on site refrigeration breaks down, is too small to hold the volume of stock which an elevated level of business demands or a one-off event is being catered, make sourcing a temporary modular cold room your top priority.

As you may well be aware, whenever food is being served to members of the public it must meet food laws; the authorities make no distinction between a street trader, a pop-up eatery, a restaurant or hotel.

Cold rooms are 1.8m or 3m, with internal capacities of 5 and 8.5 cubic metres respectively.

The rooms are not on wheels, so they remain static throughout the hire period.

They can be located almost anywhere, indoors and outside, so if you need facilities just outside a kitchen, in a foyer, a car park, an anteroom, at the rear of a function room or by a bar, this is easily achieved.

Modular cold rooms are powered via mains or generator. A 13-amp or 16-amp system within 20 metres of the cold room is required for mains.

Icecool Trailers cold rooms are delivered in panels rather than as a single unit. This means that the cold room doesn’t need to fit through large doors or pass through windows; the panels fit through any normal size door and can be taken up and down stairs. The facilities boast plentiful useable shelf space and allow staff to stand at full height, even to work within the units.

Hire can be for as long or as short a time as necessary but please remember to add preparation and clearance times to ensure that you minimise your own and your team’s stress.

The cold rooms are fully lit, secure and have convenient lock mechanisms; no one should ever find themselves locked in and trapped.

The team confidently assembles the unit, sets it up ready for immediate use, and without distracting the hire customer from their workload.

At the end of hire you can extend the duration with ease or the firm’s team will return to down-power and remove the installation.

With a cold room the client suffers no fuel expenses or time demands.

As temporary fixtures, there should be no need for planning permission; graded properties can be the exception so please double check.

You may not welcome having to pay for additional or emergency modular cold room facilities but the alternative, a food hygiene incident from cross contamination to bacterial growth on items is far costlier. Factor in the loss of reputation, guilt, legal fees and penalties and you should see the value of hiring a professionally maintained and hygienic modular cold room through an industry leader, Icecool Trailers.

The medical and scientific professions also benefit from modular cold room hire to maintain samples and bloodwork quality and medication integrity. Delays and re-taking samples because the originals have spoiled are wholly avoidable with a helping hand from an outstanding hire firm with over 20 years of experience to call on.

Please contact Icecool Trailers today to discuss your cold room solution.